Electric Fencing Tape in Windy Fields

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Electric Fencing in Windy Places


In windy spots, use electric fencing rope instead of electric fencing tape

We recently had a customer who was wondering why their electric fencing tape was wearing so quickly. It turned out, they were on a very very windy hill and they were trying to use 40mm electric fencing tape.  If you have electric fencing in a windy spot, please consider using electric fencing rope or electric fencing twine over tape.  The price difference is negligible, and it will wear far better in windy areas.

We have 3 levels of electric fencing rope:

LiveLine (green or white):

200m: £18.00

400m: £33.25


Turbo (yellow and white):

200m: £20.50

400m: £39.99


Optima (green or white):

200m: £23.00







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