Choosing the right horse clipper and trimmer

3 April 2017  |  Admin

How to select the right horse clipper and trimmer


Select the right horse clipper or trimmer - tips

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1) Do you want a mains or cordless animal clipper?  Keep in mind that some animals don’t like the trailing wires, but with a cordless trimmer you have the extra hassle of charging.

2) Is your animal sensitive to noise? Some clippers are noisier than others.

3) How hairy is your animal? If your horse or animal isn’t very hairy, you might (just might, but don’t hold me to it), get away with something like a Libretto Max. However, most horses will need at least a medium duty clipper like the ever popular Lister Star or the Heiniger Progress.

4) How large are your hands?  Some clippers, like the Lister Legend, or the Heiniger Handy, can be quite large, which could be a problem if you have petite hands.   The Heiniger Progress is slimmer and easier to handle.

5) Do you want blades you can sharpen?  Some horse clippers come with disposable blades (typically the 2 part blades that clip on), and some blades can be sharpened.

We are currently working on a chart to help people select the clipper that works best for them(stay tuned).  In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like help selecting a clipper that is right for you and your horse, please give us a call:

01323 406212

We have the full range of Lister clippers and trimmers, Liveryman clippers and trimmers and Heiniger clippers and trimmers, all at the best prices (we check, regularly). Our best prices are always on our website, or on the phone!

We are happy to help with any questions: 01323 406212

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