Clipping Angora Goats - the best clippers and blades

15 September 2021  |  Admin

Clipping Angora Goats - the best clippers and blades

The Right Clipper or Shear For Your Angora Goats


Clipping Angora Goats can be tricky.  It's easy to nick the skin, and selecting the right machine and the right blade is critical.


You can use either a shear or a clipper.  If you have over 5 goats, you'd be better to go for the shear options.  If you have under 5, you may find the clipper easier to handle (and it can double up for horses too!).

Option 1: The Heiniger Xpert 2  £379.99 (inc tax)

with either:

Slick Comb:  £28.99 (inc tax)

Mohair Comb (this is back in stock in 3 weeks):  £28.99 9 (inc tax)


The combs have 17 instead of 13 teeth for safety – which is always a concern for people shearing Angora as they don’t want to ‘nick’ the skin.

Option 2:  The Lister Fusion, £325


20 tooth Wizard blade £60


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email  We are a family run business and we are always happy to help!





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