Complete Shearing Kits - with everything you need to get you started

18 May 2022  |  Admin

Complete Shearing Kits - with everything you need to get you started

Complete Shearing Kits - everything bundled to get you started!

Shearing livestock is an essential but expensive job.  You need the right kit to ensure the health and well being of the shearer and livestock alike.  You need something that is easy to use and it must be reliable.  That's why we are very picky about the brands we trust and put our faith in Heiniger and Lister.  

We have  one 'complete kit' from Heiniger, and one 'complete kit' from Lister.  These kits contain the shearing machine, the drive, the handpiece, combs and cutters and a couple of 'extras'.  You will be confident you can start shearing with a top quality kit that all works well together.

Heiniger Evo Kit:  £1083.00 (plus VAT)  CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Heiniger has long been a leading brand in the shearing world and is a favourite with pros and world champion shearers.  If you are looking to get a complete set-up for shearing, this is a fantastic bundle with everything you need.

Shearing Machine:  Heiniger Evo

Drive: You have a choice of Drive, which is selected from the drop-down menu.  

The Flexi Drive is less expensive and is great for the less experienced shearer because it does not require such perfect technique.  It is also better for crutching/tailing and all round shearing

The Solid Drive is more expensive and is for people with perfect technique.  It takes the weight away from the handpiece and acts like an elbow which is great when shearing hundreds of sheep per day.

There are Spline/Worm or Pin drives.  Pin drives lock-up and can be dangerous for those who are not experienced shearers. The Spline is the safer option.  If you hit anything in the fleece it will disengage without the handpiece locking up. Imagine a handpiece, still moving, flying at your arm?  This kit therefore comes with the Spline/Worm drive, but if you'd prefer the Pin drive just let us know.

Shearing Handpiece:  Icon FX

The New Heiniger Icon FX Handpiece is light weight and easy to handle, allowing you to conserve energy and shear more efficiently and speedily!  It has a slim barrel to allow a good, comfortable grip.  It has carefully balanced weight distribution to maximise manoeuvrability.  It is used by world champions and pros and is Heiniger's most popular handpiece.

Weight 1190g

Dimensions 65 x 95 x 320 mm

With 180 mm Ferrule

Comb and Cutter:  Farmers' Pack

Comes with 2x Jet cutters and 1 x Ovina comb

A multi-purpose comb. The convex design
ensures quick and easy wool entry.
For shearing, crutching and dagging.

Shearing Oil:

250ml Lister R30 oil 

Lister Nova Kit:  £799 (plus VAT) CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Nova 240V Machine: The single-speed, double-insulated Lister Nova lets you shear safely and with absolute confidence. The ultra-low starting current makes the Nova ideal for use with either mains electricity or portable generators, and it features a lightweight, durable casing.

Drive: Flexible drive spline/worm

Outback Spline handpiece : Robust, reliable, ready for the challenge – no matter how harsh the shearing environment, the Outback’s ready to perform. Hardwearing and durable, this twin bearing handpiece offers consistent results for farmers and professional shearers alike.

Cutters and Combs: Countryman Comb (x1), Cavalier Comb (x1), Chaos Cutter (x1)


R30 Oil 250ml, Comb Brush & Scraper, Shearing vest.


We Say: These are great quality kits. Both brands have been endorsed by world champions and you can feel confident with any of these kits.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're a family run business and we're happy to help.

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