Electric Fence Circuit Breaker or Switch

10 February 2023  |  Beth

Electric Fence Circuit Breaker or Switch

Electric Fences are a brilliant way to keep livestock safe and where you want them.  The fence is something we navigate everyday and so it is a good idea to make it as easy as possible.  One way of doing this, is to ensure it is easy to turn your fence on and off, easily and exactly where you want to.  It can be a daily irritation to have to trudge to your energiser just to get into your fence.  And it can also cause a lot of wear on your leads if you keep putting them in and out to turn the enerfiser on and off.


If you would like to be easily turn your fence on and off, or to turn just part of your fence on and off, have a look at our Circuit Break and On Off Switches.  These can be attached anywhere on your fence and allow you to quickly turn a section of the fence off.  


This ON/Off Switch costs £11.75 and is great for managing one fence:  https://www.farmcareuk.com/on-off-cut-off-switch-install-anywhere-on-fence-easy-to-turn-fence-on-and-off.html

This Circuit Breaker costs £12.99 and is very easy to use:  https://www.farmcareuk.com/fenceman-circuit-breaker.html

This Three-Way Switch costs £12.99 and is great for multiple fields/paddocks.  https://www.farmcareuk.com/three-way-switch.html


All 3 switches works in a very similar way.

If you have any questions about electric fences, please don't hesitate to ask.  We are a family run business and we are always happy to help.  The best way to recah us is to email sales@farmcareuk.com


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