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12 July 2017  |  Beth

Electric Fence Kit for Sheep


Electric fencing has long been used to keep sheep safe.  It is ideal because it is cheap to install and easy to move as your needs change.  There are 2 main options.  An electric fence net (which come in 50 meter rolls) or a 3 lined fence of heavy duty twine.  The height of your twine varies depending on the breed and age of your sheep.  Typically, the top line is placed at about 100cm, the next line at 40cm and the lowest line at 35cm.  However, you can easily change the height of your twine to suit your flock (the plastic polyposts have hooks and loops all the way up the posts, which hold the twine).  Both sheep nets and twine are highly effective.  The advantage of the twine is that it is easier to control and change the length of your fence (although you can cut sheep nets too).  The advantage of the net is that is has a lot of electrical lines running through it making it ideal for all shapes and sizes of sheep - however, you do need to ensure any grass is strimmed back from the bottom lines of the netting (or risk all your electricity running to the earth thus leaving you with a weak fence).  

Let's start by loking at the Twine Kit.  This electric fence kit has everything you need to set up a 500m 3 lined fence.  If you have a range of sizes of sheep, you may wish to consider having four lines of fencing, to ensure it is high and low enough for all the sheep!  Your fence does not need to go in a straight line, but can be in any formation and can join on to an existing fence, if required.


The fence comes with 50 x plastic polyposts, that are inserted into the ground with an earth spike.  They are very easy to move, so you can change the configuration or location of your fence inexpensively and quickly.  There are also 4 steel posts, for added strength, which can be used on corners or any weak point in your fence.


The kit includes 1500 meters of heavy duty twine and a powerful AN12 dual power energiser which will get through even the thickest sheep fleece.  This energiser can run from the mains, or from a 12 volt leisure battery.  Please note that the leisure battery is not included.  The energiser is made in Germany and has a 2 year warranty. It comes with the earth stake and all the wires to go onto your fence and earth stake. It has a light that tells you it is working and let's you know if your battery is getting low.


The kit also includes 3 reels, which allows you to easily reel in your twine and keep tension on your fence.  You have the option of a standard reel, or a geared reel.  A geared reel is slightly more expensive, but makes the process slightly easier!


Gate handles and a warning sign are also included.


The kit should take you about 45 minutes to set up.  It is well engineered with all the parts being made in the UK or Germany.  Recently there have been many cheap imports in the market, and the difference in quality is marked (the posts become brittle and bend and snap and the steel is not strong and again breaks very easily).  

The 3 Reel Sheep Kit starts at £275.00

You can also get sheep net kits, without the reels that start at £164.99. These kits also have everything you need to set up a fence.  The nets can be cut down, if required, or joined together to make larger fences.  The key is to ensure that the grass around the net is kept strimmed back.  The fence will not work if there is too much grass touching it.  The nets are easy to install with metal spikes that push into the ground.  If you have undulating ground it may take a bit of time to ensure there is correct tension on the fence to stop it sagging or touching the ground.  The nets come with guy ropes and pegs to help you get the correct tension on the net.  Traditionally these nets were all in orange (to allow tractors to easily see them). They are now usually in yellow and black, although orange is still popular too.

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