Electric Fence for Sheep

15 May 2017  |  Admin

Electric Fencing for Sheep

Electric fencing has long been used to keep sheep where you want them.  Despite their thick wool, they can still feel the shock from the fence and will not challenge it once they understand what the fence does!

There are two electric fencing options for sheep.

  1.  Electric fence sheep nets.  These are very easy to install and come in 50 meter or 25 meter rolls of netting.  The posts are included with the net, and you simply push the prongs at the bottom of the posts into the ground.  It takes less than 20 minutes to set up a sheep net and they can be easily moved should you wish to change where your sheep are grazing.  Sheep netting is brightly coloured to ensure the older lambs can easily see it, and to also make sure the net stands out to any tractors or other vehicles in the filed.  Sheep netting is usually orange, or a yellow and black combination.  You will also need an energiser and an earth stake to power your electric sheep net.
  2. Polytwine and plastic posts can also be used to keep your sheep in one area.  We recommend 3 ft posts (available in green or white), and running 3 lines of polytwine at 70 cm, 50 cm and 30 cm.  Either Maxi Twine (with 9 stainless steel conductors) or Heavy Duty Twine (with 6 stainless steel conductors) can be used. Please don’t select a twine with fewer stainless steel conductors – your sheep have a thick woolly coat so you need a highly conductive wire to ensure the shock makes it to the sheep!  Some people choose to put the twine on reels, so they can easily roll up and move the fence.  You will also need an energiser (battery or mains) and an earth stake to power the fence.

If you have any questions about electric fencing for sheep, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We are always happy to help.


Sheep nets start from £78.99

500m roll of Heavy Duty Twine:  £24.00

10 x 3ft plastic polyposts: £13.50

AN8 Energiser:  £89.99



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