Testing Your Electric Fence Energiser

15 May 2017  |  Admin

Testing Your Electric Fence Energiser

wooden posts with 40mm tape fittedWooden posts with 40mm green electric fencing tape fitted

When your electric fence isn’t working well, you need to isolate the source of the problem.

The first two checks are:

  1. Is your earth stake attached and in moist ground?
  2. Is your battery or power source working?

Next you need to check that your electric fence energiser is working.  To do this you need an electric fence tester.

  1. Turn off the energiser.
  2. Disconnect the earth or wire going to ground (often green in colour).
  3. Disconnect the live fence wire (often red in colour).  There are now no wires attached to the energiser.
  4. Turn the energiser back on and pick up your fence tester.  Place the ground probe to the Earth/Green/Negative terminal on the energiser and the metal hook of the tester to the positive/red/live terminal. The reading you get tells you how well the energiser is working without any other variables. (The lights on the tester get paler as the voltage goes up, often quite difficult to see particularly in bright light. The highest light seen will be the reading – not the brightest seen)
  5. If there is a very low voltage (under 1500v) or no voltage, then the energiser has a problem. If the voltage is high (greater than 6000v) then the trouble lies with your fence. Most energisers put out between 5000v and 8000v when tested without a fence.

If you are getting a good reading from your energiser, then the problem lies with your fence.

  1. Check that the cables going on to your electric fence and on to your earth stake are in good condition and making good contact.
  2. Check that there is nothing earthing your fence (high vegetation, branches, anything that can ground the electricity).  Check that the insulators are keeping the fence off any wooden posts.
  3. Check that there are no knots or kinks in the electric fence barrier (electric fence tape, rope or twine).  You should always use tape or rope connectors to attach two pieces of electric fence.   Also check the condition of your barrier – is it in good condition or is it time for replacements? Remember that the metal conductors inside the barrier will break over time.

If you have any questions about your electric fence, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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