Electric Fencing for dogs and puppies - keep your pets safe

22 January 2024  |  Beth

Electric Fencing for dogs and puppies - keep your pets safe

Electric Fencing for dogs and puppies


As a dog owner and dog lover, I have followed the debate on electric fencing for dogs.  Is it kind to shock a dog?  It doesn't injure the animal (much like it doesn't hurt horses, or humans), but it does feel nasty for a brief second.  


The idea of electric fences is never to hurt an animal.  It is to warn them to stay away.  For our pets, they usually only touch the fence once then learn to keep well away.  The fence has a slight 'click' that reminds the animal to stay clear if they approach it. 


Most have therefore concluded that if a traditional fence is not an option (often due to price, but sometimes due to the look of the fencing, planning or other factors) then an electric fence is a wise option if it keeps their pet safe.

We have a number of specially tested electric fences, that are safe for animals and humans.  These include the popular 'invisible' PAC dog fencing and the more traditional fencing with posts and electric tape.

PAC Dog Fence:  For this fence, the dog wears a collar.  The fence wire runs under the ground so is 'invisible'.  However, when the dog approaches the boundary, they get a short shock from their collar.  This teaches them to stay away from any areas you do not want them to go into (a pond, a road, a field etc).  Fence kits start from £179.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Traditional electric fence for dogs:  These fences are like the ones you see in fields for cows or sheep.  They are a good 'quick fix'.  Simply place plastic fence posts every 5 metres, and run several lines of electric tape around the fence (the number of lines depends upon the size of your dog - a small dog would only need 2, a larger dog may need 3).  The electric tape is then attached to an 'energiser' which is powered by a battery.  The energiser sends small pulses of electricity around the fence - if your dog touches the fence they get a short shock - and will normally never touch it again.  It does not harm the dog, but it does feel unpleasant for a second.  Most dogs just look surprised then move on with sniffing another area.  Traditional fences strt at £125.00



If you have any questions about electric fencing for dogs, or dog training collars, please email sales@farmcareuk.com  We are a family run business and we are happy to help.








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