Finally - a blade that clips to 4.8mm for trimmers including the Liveryman Harmony PLus and the Heiniger Saphir and Opal

26 April 2022  |  Admin

Liveryman6F Wide A5 Snap On Blade - that clips to 4.8mm - woohoo!


We've been waiting for a blade to come out like this for ages.  It seems silly to get excited about a blade.  After all, you can get 'comb guides' to put over most A5 snap on blades, but there's nothing like the proper blade.  And a blade that clips to a length of almost 5mm leaves such a lovely natural looks.  It is great for competitions and eventing.  Up until now the ONLY blade that clips to this length is the Lister Covercote, which means you need a Lister full size clipper.  For those who prefer a smaller machine, like the Liveryman Harmony Plus or the Heiniger Saphir and Heiniger Opal, there simply wasn't a blade for this length.  And this look has been growing in popularity for many years.  It started as a fashion in America but the natural but groomed look has caught on here in the UK too.  


This blade is great for:

- pink skinned horses 

- horses who have sensitive skin

- starting pint for blending

- seasonal show clipping

- horses suffering from Cushings


So, if you have a trimmer or clipper that takes the popular A5 style snap on blades, consider switching to this amazing blade that will make your horse or pony look stunning!


Blade specs:

A5 snap on style

leaves hair approximately 4.8mm long

Wide blade



This blade costs £49.99

To order or to find out more, click HERE!


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