FREE 2nd Blade on all Heiniger X Series Clippers!

31 August 2023  |  Beth

FREE 2nd Blade on all Heiniger X Series Clippers!

We have a great Heiniger offer for the start of clipping season.  Buy one of the Heiniger X Series clippers,
and get a FREE second set of blades, worth £36+


The X-series clippers include the popular Xplorer cordless clipper, the NEW Xplorer Pro clipper (with more power, a battery indicator and an extra speed) and the Xperience clipper which is a heavy duty clipper and designed for pros or those with horses with coarse coats.  

The Heiniger X-Series clippers all come with a 3 year guarantee (Lister's clippers only offer 2 years).  They are made in Switzerland, with precision engineering, and they are serviced (if required) by a dedicated team here in the UK.  They are ergonomically designed, to make clipping comfortable.  And they are known to be the quietest clipper brand on the market, with low vibrations - this makes clipping more comfortable for your horse, especially if they are nervous about clips.  


Have a look at our great promotions.  You can even pick which second blade you get free (Medium, Fine or Coarse).

CLICK HERE to see the clippers


Or, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email our friendly team, who have been helping people select the right clipper for their horses for years!

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