Gallagher S17 Solar Energiser Sale

7 May 2017  |  Admin

Gallagher S17 Solar Energiser Sale

Gallagher Electric Fence S17 Solar Energiser – only £169.95

7 Year Guarantee

Solar electric fence energisers have become increasingly popular over the last few years – and it’s obvious why!  The all-in-one energisers are incredibly user friendly. Simply put them in a field with the solar panel facing due south. Plug them into your fence – and leave them! They are weather proof, rust proof and incredibly tough – even if a cow kicked them they will be fine.  Gallagher is so confident, they offer a 7 year guarantee with all of their energisers, including the popular solar units.   Sales this year have increased 180% over last year!

The S17 is ideal for shorter fences and for strip grazing and small paddocks.  It can power an electric fence of up to 1.7km, with low vegetation.  The solar panel charges the internal battery and, in the UK, your energiser should run all year round apart from the very darkest weeks in the winter, when you may need to give your battery a couple of boosts from the mains.  The battery is rechargeable and very hard wearing, although it will eventually need to be replaced, much like the battery in your mobile phone.

The S17 has a light indicator that will let you know your energiser is working and will also inform you if there is any concern about the battery.

The S17 is Gallagher’s most popular across the globe and once you have tried solar, you want to go back to any other type of energiser!

This is a very limited time offer, which will not be repeated.

Please remember that you will need an earth stake to go with your energiser.  Please also remember to register your purchase online with Gallagher to ensure you get the free 7 year guarantee (if you don’t register online you will only have a 2 year guarantee).



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We are always happy to help: 01323 406212.



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