Add a Gate to your poultry fence.

17 August 2017  |  Admin


Gate For Electric Poultry Netting

Finally an electric fencing poultry gate you use WITHOUT having to turn your energiser off



Are you tried of turning your energiser off and on to give you access to your chickens?  A bit fed up with the mess made by the churned up mud around the gate?  

The new Hot Gate could be a solution for you!  It easily clips into a standard poultry net, either between 2 nets or at the end of a net.  The gate has 3 posts, one of which has a single spike that fits into a plastic foot plate.  To open the gate you simply hold the insulated handle (no more electric shocks), un-clip the plastic clip and lift up the netting gate. It's that easy!


The system consists of:

1 x 19mm gate post with out prong that fits into dock (with handle on the top)

1 x 19mm double pronged post for dock (with handle on the top)

1 x 12mm double pronged post at other side of netting gate

1 x 1.25m close mesh green netting 1.1m high

2 x insulated gate handles - attached to posts at the top

1 x dock

2 x galvanised pegs for dock

6 x tie wraps

Opening Length: 1.25m.  


The gate is green and is 110cm high.  This is slightly higher than a standard polutry gate (which is 105cm) to make for easy access.

There are several other poultry gates on the market and we have tried them all.  The Hot Gate is by far the most easy to use and slightly sturdier than other gates.

The Hot Gate is only £36.99


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call: 01323 406212.  We are a family run business and always happy to help.


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