Heiniger Comb and Cutter Selection for Shearing Sheep in the UK

22 February 2021  |  Admin

Heiniger Comb and Cutter Guide - for shearing sheep efficiently 


It's really important to select the right comb and cutter when shearing sheep, with consideration of the breed of sheep or animal and the job at hand.  It's also really important to keep your blades sharp, so please get them ground often and ensure they are brushed off when you have finished using them, oiled and kept in a dry spot.   It's also a good idea to have several spare combs and cutters.  Typically, you want 2 cutters for each comb.

Many people, here in the UK, are using the shearing combs they were first taught to use.  However, there is a range of combs and cutters, wll designed for different uses and fleeces.  In the UK, the most popular combs and cutter if the Octavia concave comb and a Jet Cutter (the Standard farmer pack has 1 Octavia comb and 2 Jet cutters for this reason).  But there are also special combs for winter shearing, alpaca and goats.  Although the Jet cutter is currently the most popular cutter, the new Diamond cutters offer a better shear and will soon take over from the Jet.  


For professional shearers (there are about 600 or so in the UK), the most popular comb in the UK is the Charger.  


Have a look at the guide below to help you select the right Heiniger comb and cutter for your needs, or visit out website to purchase:  https://www.farmcareuk.com/sheep-alpaca-llama-and-cattle-shearing-blades.html

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