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31 August 2017  |  Beth

Heiniger Horse Clippers From £199 - Next day delivery


Heiniger horse clippers are the most expensive clippers on the market - for good reason!  They are made in Switzerland, come with a 2 year warranty, are very robust and extremely quiet.  The Heiniger Xplorer Cordless Clipper is the best seller.  The Xplorer is unique because the battery is in the handle of the clipper and integral to the machine.  All other full size cordless clippers have the battery attached via a cord which clips to a belt (for example, the Lister Liberty and the Liveryman Black Beauty).  Even though the battery is in the machine, the whole thing still weighs only 990 grams.  The slight downside is the 29 cm length of the clipper, which is ever so slightly longer than the Liberty and the Black Beauty - and the extra length can make it more difficult to get to tricky parts, especially on a smaller pony.  The clipper is, however, nice and slim with the main grip point being only 15.2 cm.  The clipper will clip for up to 2 hours, and recharge takes 90 minutes.  The Xplorer is very quiet and clips beautifully.  It will handle almost any type of hair, although for very busy yards it is probably best to go with a corded clipper which are slightly more powerful and do not have the limitations of a battery.

The Heiniger Progress is Heiniger's 'starter' clipper, equivalent to the Lister Star.  It is the least expensive Heiniger clipper and ideal for anyone with 1 - 3 horses with 'normal' hair.  It is quiet and very comfortable to use and good for people with small hands.

The Heiniger Handy is a real work horse.  It is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done and is one of the most hardy and reliable clippers in the market.  It is ideal for those with a 'no nonsense' approach and a lot of horses to clip.  It will last for a very long time.


The Heiniger Saphir is somewhere between a clipper and a very powerful trimmer.  It is possible to do a whole horse with it, but it would take a long time and should only be attempted if you have a horse with 'easy' hair.  The Heiniger Saphir is popular with people who are showing horses, and also for vets.  It is really smooth and easy to use.  We love the Saphir, but personally would not use it as a main clipper.


We stock the full range of Heiniger clippers and will not be beaten on price.  If you see it somewhere cheaper, we will do our best to price match.  We are a family run business and we are always happy to help our customers select the right clipper for their needs.  


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