Heiniger Opal Trimmer - ideal for pro groomers and clippers and the next step from the popular Heiniger Saphir

19 November 2020  |  Admin

The NEW Heiniger Opal Trimmer and Clipper is here - and we love it!

Heiniger introduced their new Heiniger Opal trimmer in July 2020 - and they've struggled to keep up with the huge demand (they've sold out 3 times!).  It has been incredibly popular with pro groomers and clippers, who up until now have been using the Heiniger Saphir.   The Opal is an improvement on the Heiniger Saphir, mainly due to its Li-ion battery and brand new circuitry which allows it to last longer and charge faster, as well as operate at higher speeds.  It’s also quieter than the Saphir (and other trimmers on the market) making it great for nervous animals. 


The clipping market in the UK is recognising and adapting to the latest battery technologies, and with the Opal Heiniger are at the forefront of the trimmer section.  In larger clippers, for example, we've seen the new Lister Liberty with a Li-ion battery.  But for trimmers, this is the first of this calibre.  


Looks wise it is very similar to the Heiniger Saphir.  It is ergonomically designed, quite small and comfortable to hold - but it has a new colour and the battery indicator and speed switch.  


The Opal takes the A5 snap on blades -  the same blades as the Heiniger Saphir, and indeed many other trimmers.  These blades are readily  available in many clipping lengths, and with wide blade options too, from many different brands (many of which are less expensive than Heiniger).  It's great to have the blade choice, especially for those with dogs - although I do wonder when we'll see some sort of blade progress?  Imagine - a blade that wouldn't blunt!


The Opal will clip for up to 4 hours, and recharge in 1 hour.  That's amazing.  It can manage 3,100 double strokes per minute - I've got to be honest and say this means nothing to me, other than the fact it is fast, powerful and can manage any type of coat (picture that muddy hairy beast - it can handle it, no problem!).  In fact, Heiniger are trying to ensure anyone using the Opal uses only oil (not aerosol coolants) and uses it often because at this speed, the friction from the blades can heat things up quickly if you're not on top of it!  Of course, you also have the slower speed option, with the blades managing 2600 strokes per minute.


I've absolutely no doubt the the Heiniger Opal is going to continue to be a huge hit with professionals and those with the budget for the best animal trimmer on the market.  It really is amazing and is a brilliant option for nervous animals and animals with challenging coats.  It's also great for dogs.  You don't need to spend this much if you're trimming 1 or 2 horses - the Wahl Adore, the Sierra Pro Trimmer, the Liveryman Classic - they'll all do the job at a fraction of the cost.   But if you want the gold standard animal trimmer - the Opal is the new must have bit of kit!


The Heiniger Opal is available with 1 or 2 batteries (only the pros need the 2 battery option!), from £289.99 (including VAT).   


To find out more or to order the Heiniger Opal now, visit:  https://www.farmcareuk.com/heiniger-opal-animal-clipper-and-trimmer-new-with-2-speeds-for-lovers-of-the-saphir.html


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