Heiniger Xplorer Cordless Horse Clipper with FREE Speaker

11 September 2020  |  Admin

The Heiniger Xplorer - a powerful full size clipper, with the battery in the hand piece.

Now with a BONUS portable Bluetooth speaker when you purchase a Heiniger Xplorer!


The Heiniger Xplorer is all about ease of clipping.  With lots of power, no wires to worry about, low vibrations and low volume - you and your horse will both be happy.  Clipping is often seen as a chore, but believe it or not, it can actually be a moment for you and your horse to bond.  


The Xplorer is very well made.  It is all engineered in Switzerland and is very high quality, with a 3 year guarantee as standard.  the Swiss talk about their products having 'Swissness' and this means a focus on high quality.  The Xplorer is easy to tension and the blades clip beautifully.  In the unlikely event anything goes wrong with your clipper, Heiniger have invested in a workshop here in the UK to ensure fast turn around of any problems.


The Heiniger Xplorer comes in a range of options - with 1 blade, 2 blades, 1 battery or 2 batteries.  Truthfully, you only need 2 batteries if you're clipping a lot of horses.  The battery charges really quickly (90 minutes) and lasts for up to 2 hours.  The charging unit has a battery indicator so you know how much charge is left.   It's always a good idea to have 2 blades because a half cut horse is not a good look (although quite funny!).  The blades can all be sharpened.


You can also select a Heiniger Xplorer package that comes with the very neat Sierra Trimmer.  This is a great trimmer, with an adjustable blade so you can match the area you are trimming to the main clip without changing blades.  It's also cordless - so you'll have a completely cordless grooming package!


What's more, you'll get a lovely little bluetooth speaker, so you and your horse can enjoy some tunes, or listen to some soothing spa music as you clip!


If you would prefer to have a mains clipper, the Heiniger Xperience is a great option.  It is also made in Switzerland, but the cord means you don't have the expense of the battery and you don't need to worry about charging a battery.  


Or, if you'd like the easiest solution of all, with no need for tensioning blades but plenty of power to clip a horse, the NEW Heiniger Saphir Horse is a good option.  It's small enough to get to any tricky parts, it has the lowest vibrations of all the clippers, but the power of the motor and the wide blade means it can easily manage a full clip, feather and even hogging.  It is very popular with vets!  The only downside it the blades cannot be re-sharpened and must be replaced once they become blunt.  With this said, did I mention that there was no tensioning?  Plus the A5 snap on blades are not as expensive as full size blades and they're readily available from a number of brands.  You can even trim your dog with the Heiniger Saphir Horse!


For more details see our full range of Heiniger clippers and offers here:  https://www.farmcareuk.com/heiniger-clippers.html


If you have any questions, send us an email and we'll be happy to give advice.  Sales@farmcareuk.com    We know all about horse clippers!



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