Re-setting your horse clippers

6 October 2017  |  Beth

if you have Mains operated horse clippers, it is important to use them with a circuit breaker.  A Residual Current Device (RCD) is an automatically operated switch - if the plug detects any electrical faults, it will interrupt the flow of electrical current and it will turn off your horse clippers.  This will keep you and your horse safe.  The RCD can then be re-set.

You may be putting yourself and your horse at risk if you fail to use an RCD when you use your mains operated horse clippers.  It is recommended that you use an RCD that has a maximum residual operating current of 30 mill amperes (ma).


You will also find that many horse clippers have a re-set button.  These pop out and turn off your horse clippers if a problem is detected.  This may be due to the electrical current, or may be because the motor is being stressed.  The re-set button is a safety feature designed to protect you, your horse clippers and your horse.  If your horse clippers suddenly stop working, be sure to check your power sources and your re-set button.  If the re-set button has popped out, use a pen to push it back in.  With Lister horse clippers, you need to wait to hear a tiny click when it goes back in.  Pushing the re-set button with your finger is not usually enough.  You will also find that some batteries have a re-set button.  For example, the Lister Liberty battery pack has a re-set button.  If your battery does not seem to be operating properly, try re-setting it! Also give your battery a long charge. 


Finally, even some of the horse clippers blades have safety features.  If you have the 'snap on' blades that do not need tensioning (these types of blades are usually used for the smaller clippers and trimmers), they will often have little springs within the horse clippers blades.  If something jams your horse clippers' motor, the spring will break, rather than try to force the blades to keep moving.  This protects the motor of the horse clippers, as well as your arm (you can get a nasty yank on your arm if the horse clippers try to keep going but the blade is stuck).  This is annoying as the blades will need replacing - but it is a cheaper fix than replacing the whole horse clipper!


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