Hotline Buzzard 12 Volt Electric Fence Energiser On SALE

5 October 2022  |  Beth


Hotline Buzzard 12 Volt Energiser On Sale  Only £150.83 (plus VAT).

RRP:  £238.00

It's that time of year - when the grass is still long, the animals are out and we need to prepare for the winter.  It's a really good time to check your energiser is working properly and invest in a good quality fencer.  That's why Hotline often put one of their best energisers on sale at this time of year.  Prices will go up in January, so it really is a good idea to make the most of the sale price.

This year, Hotline has selected their Buzzard energiser.   Buzzard is made here in the UK and comes with a 5 year warranty.  It can power up to 25 km of fencing and is a fantastic option for sheep and 3 reel systems.  It's good for longer fences and 'trickier' animals who need a good zap.  It has 3.2 joules of stored energy and an output of 9000 volts on it's high setting.


The Hotline Buzzard electric fence energiser is a very powerful fencer with two output levels. If animals are being fenced for the first time, the energiser should be set to 'high' for the first week to give a good shock and to teach the animals to avoid the fence.  The energiser can then be switched to 'low' after this initial period in order to conserve the battery life. If, however, the electric fence is being used to keep animals out, the energiser should always be switched to the 'high' output position.


As the Hotline Buzzard energiser is designed to be used on long lengths of electric fencing, a powerful rechargeable battery of around 75-125Ah will be required. The LED will flash GREEN when the unit is working correctly, but will change to RED when the batter requires re-charging. A buzzer will sound if the battery terminals are connected incorrectly.

Power Supply - 12v rechargeable battery (not supplied)
Stored Energy - 1.7/3.2 joules
Output Voltage (high) - 9000v
Output Voltage (low) - 6800v
Output Voltage @500ohms - 5500v/3800v
Approx battery Life: 3 weeks (75Ahr battery)
Pulse/Battery Low Indicator
Warranty - 5 years
Connection Leads included:- Fence Connection Lead, Earth Connection Lead, Battery Connection Leads.

Fence lengths.

Maximum fence length - 25.0km
6x 50m Poultry Nets
20x 50mSheep Nets


Consider adding:

  • 1 m earth stake.  An earth stake is essential!
  • 12 Volt leisure battery.  12 volt car batteries are not recommended.
  • Solar panel to charge your battery.  No more lugging heavy batteries in to recharge!

If you have any questions about the Hotline Buzzard or electric fencing, please do not hesitate to email  We are a family run business and we are happy to help.


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