Lister Covercote Blades Available Now - Limited Supply

23 August 2017  |  Beth

Lister Covercote blades are becoming increasingly popular.  They leave hair at 5mm long, and are great for those who wish to show their horse.  The demand for this blade in the United States is almost overwhelming, and here in the UK (Lister's home!) we see sales soar every year.  Lister is the only manufacturer that makes a blade that leaves 5 mm of hair and the blades will only fit on a Lister clipper.  The manufacturing process is complicated due to the length of the teeth and Lister struggles to keep up with demand.  We strongly recommend that you get these blades early if you want them for show season.  We currently have 45 in stock but they will fly off the shelf and we cannot guarantee when the next batch will be available.


Other Lister blades inbclude:


Lister A2F Fine Blade;  This blade comes as standard with all Lister clippers.  It leaves 1.4mm of hair.

Lister A2 'Medium' Blade:  This blade leaves 2.5mm of hair and is ideal for anybody new to clipping as it is more forgiving and leaves less lines.

Lister A2C Close Blade:  Leaves 1mm of hair

Lister Coarse Blade:  Leavse 2.5mm of hair - ideal for cattle or 'tough' hair. This blade gets through hair, but does not leave as 'smooth' a finish as other blades

Lister Surgical Blade: Leaves 1mm of hair. Usually used by vets.

Lister Wizard blade: used for shearing a very small flock of sheep.  Attaches to all Lister clippers.


The A2F and A2 blades come with either a plastic or metal yoke.  If you have a Laser 2, please make sure you have a metal yoke.


If you are purchasing a clipper, we are happy to switch the blade on the machine to the blade of your choice.  Lister machines have an A2F as standard.  We do not charge for this service, although if your chosen blade is more expensive than the A2F we do charge the difference between the price of the 2 blades.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.  We are always happy to help!


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