Lister Star Horse Clipper On Sale. Only 199.99.

1 October 2020  |  Admin


Lister Star Horse Clipper - On Sale!

Purple Star with an upgrade to a Lister Hold-All Bag and FREE Lister Pico trimmer and FREE 250ml oil - only £105.00

Green Star with FREE Lister Pico Trimmer and 250ml oil - only £199.99

The Lister Star horse clipper is by far the best selling clipper, available in Green or Purple.  It's a great clipper for anyone with between 1 and 3 horses who wants to save money and have the convenience of clipping their horse themselves.  Some people even find it a bonding experience to clip their horses, and with the threat of lock downs it's never been more important to be able to look after your horse yourself, if at all possible.  


The Lister Star is made here in the UK.  It's a full size mains clipper, that takes the range of Lister blades.  It comes with an A2F blade as standard that clips to 1.4mm in length.  However, we are happy to switch it to the A2 Medium blade that clips to 2.4mm length (and some say this gives a neater clip with less 'lines') or a Coarse blade that also clips to 2.4mm in length but is designed for tougher hair.  In truth, the Coarse blade doesn't give quite such a nice finish, but it is easier to use if your horse has a tricky coat!  Finally, the Lister Star takes the very popular Covercote blade that clips to 5mm.  This blade is unique to Lister and is a huge favourite with people who show their horse.  Lister runs out of this blade every year (they seem constantly surprised by the increasing demand for it) so it you want this blade order early!  Most Lister blades cost approximately £35.99 but the Covercote is more expensive at £47.99.  You can also get Lifter blades that clip to 13mm or 19mm.


Our current offer is a really really good deal!  The purple and green clippers are the same clipper, but have slightly different options from Lister!  The Purple Star comes with a great hold-all bag, with lots of pockets for all your grooming items, or large enough to take a riding hat.  It also comes with a free Lister Pico trimmer which is a handy little tool for any quick tidies or for people who are getting their horse used to clipping.  Lister has also thrown in a handy 250ml of oil.  The Green Star is £5 cheaper, but comes with a hard case rtaher than the hold-all.  It does include the Pico and the oil.


Lister Stars now have a 2 year warranty.


If you are looking for a light, reliable clipper so you can clip your horse yourself, you can't go wrong with the Lister Star.  Sure, there are more powerful clippers out there - but you only need them if you're clipping multiple horses.  The Lister Star is ideal for people new to clipping and for those who want to be able to quickly and easily groom their own horse.


We are huge Lister fans at FarmCare and we are one of their largest partners.  Their quality is renowned worldwide and they're made here in the UK.  We have great and very competitive offers on all the Lister clippers.  Why not have a look?


If you have any questions, drop us a line and we'll be happy to help.


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