Lister Star Horse Clipper - On Sale with FREE blades, FREE trimmer and FREE clipper oil

8 October 2020  |  Admin


WOW - Our Lister Star offer just got even better.

For a short time only, we are now able to offer a FREE second set of blades with our Lister Star horse clippers.  Plus, you also get a FREE Lister Pico trimmer, a FREE 250ml oil and if you get the purple Lister Star you get a Lister Hold-All bag.


You will receive 1 FREE A2F blade, and can select your other blade from the full range of Lister blades.  A2F is standard and clips to 1.4mm.  Medium is my favourite as it is slightly more forgiving and clips to 2.4mm.  The Coarse blade is great for horses with touch coats and for feathers.  The Covercote blade is hugely popular with those who show their horses and is unique to Lister, clipping to 5mm.  The Covercote blade is slightly more expensive.


The Lister Star is a really great option for anyone who has between 1 and 3 horses and wants to clip themselves - especially with the uncertainly of 2020 and the need to be independent.  It's a light clipper so it is easy to clip a whole horse without getting tired.  It has low vibrations and it is quiet - making it a good option for nervous horses.


Lister horse clippers are easy to tension.  Simply tighten the blades fully, then loosen then off - about 2 full turns.  You'll know if you have made them too lose as the hair will bend instead of cut.  If they are too tight, the blades will get hot.


The Lister Star has a re-set button, which protects the motor if anything gets jammed between the blades.  If your clipper cuts out, simply push in the re-set button with a pencil or something sharp until it clicks (you won't be able to push it in properly with your finger).  This re-assuring safety feature makes the Star last.  It comes with a 2 year warranty and is made here in the UK.


The Lister Star is available in a number of colours.  Our favourites are the sage green, and the purple.


The Lister Star is a fantastic mains clipper.  It's made by an iconic British equestrian brand and it can by relied on to make grooming your horses easier and less stressful!  It is by far our most popular horse clipper.


To find out more, visit our Lister Clipper page for all the latest offers and information


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