Liveryman Horse Clippers and Trimmers Review 2023

21 February 2023  |  Beth

Liveryman Horse Clippers and Trimmers Review 2023

Liveryman Horse Clippers and Trimmers 2023 Review


Liveryman are a well known brand in the horse clipping world, with a crew of influencers praising their comprehensive grooming range.  


Liveryman Black Beauty:  This is a fell size horse clipper, that has now been around for about 7 years.  It takes full size Liveryman blades, that need the usual tensioning.  It has a powerful brushless motor and can handle all coats.  This clipper is available as a mains clipper, or as a mains/cordless clipper.  Unfortunately, Liveryman has had trouble sourcing the batteries this year, so it will likely only be available as a mains clipper, with batteries (that can be added to the mains clipper) only available in the second half of the year.

Comparable:  Lister Star, Heiniger Xperience


Liveryman Harmony Plus:  This is arguably Liveryman's most popular clipper, perhaps due to its price point and because it is both cordless and mains operated.  It takes the readily available A5 snap on blades, that comes in a huge range of lengths.  The A5 blades do not require tensioning, making it a great clipper for beginners.  You can use a wide blade for a full body clip, or a narrow blade for trimming, so one machine does the whole job (which is great for the wallet).  This clipper is not as powerful as a full size clipper, but if you have a horse with 'normal' hair then it is a great choice.  It is also quiet with low vibrations, so suitable for nervous animals.  And it's smaller size and light weight makes it a good choice for people with small or weak hands.

This clipper is, in some ways, comparable to the popular Heiniger Opal or Heiniger Saphir.  It isn't quite as powerful, but it does take all the same style of blades.  And it is a much lower price point.

Comparable:  Heiniger Saphir, Heiniger Opal, old Lister Libretto (no longer available)


Liveryman Nova:  This is a good value quiet trimmer, with low vibrations.  It is comfortable to use and great for those difficult to reach places.

Comparable:  Sierra Pro. Wahl Adore


Liveryman Classic:  This is a simple but very popular trimmer.  It is quiet, easy to use and the blades are adjustable so you can blend your clipp giving a pro finish.

Comparable:  Wahl Adore


Liveryman Flare Plus:  This is a great bit of 'extra' kit.  It is very light weight, but brilliant for delicate work around the face and for general quick tridying.  It can also be use to train nervous animals and help them get used to clipping and vibrations.

Comparable:  Lister Pico


Note:  The Liveryman Element and the Liveryman Flare are no longer available.


If you have any questions about Liveryman clippers, please do not hesitate to ask.  We are a family run business and stock a large range of good quality clippers, including Liveryman, Lister and Heiniger.  There are some very poor quality clippers available, so please research your choices carefully!


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