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6 February 2024  |  Beth

Keep Your Dog Safe!


Training collars are a great way to train your dog.  They do not harm the dog, but the collar gives them sensations (either vibrations, a buzz sounds or a small shock similar to the static shock you can get from a car door).  You control the sensation and the intensity of the sensation from a handheld controller.  This means, if they are chasing a jogger or another animal, if they are too close to the road, or eating something they shouldn't you can give them a quick sensation on their collar.  This momentarily distracts your dog and allows you to give your dog a command.  If they repeat the action several times, they soon learn not to do it and, with luck, you can stop using the collar altogether.  

The training systems have several options.  Your select the size of dog (mini, small, medium, large or extra large).  You select the distance required (our rental collars go up to 1km, but you can purchase collars that go up to 3km range).  Once you have the collar and the controller, you can select the intensity and type of stimuli that is best suited to your dog.  It is a good idea to also use your voice, so eventually they follow your command and no longer need the collar.


The collars can be charged by USB and are waterproof.


Collars training systems start at £199.99.  Rental systems start at £50.


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