Sheep Shearing and Cattle Shearing Complete Kits

24 February 2024  |  Beth

Sheep Shearing and Cattle Shearing Complete Kits

Complete Shearing Kits - one pack that includes everything but the sheep


Shearing is an expensive and challenging business.  Be it sheep or cattle, you need something safe, reliable and well balanced to make your job easier.  The leading brand for all things shearing is usually considered to be Heiniger - all their kit is made in Switzerland and is often the choice of pros and those who compete.  Lister Shearing is not far behind, with their shears made here in the UK and, again, they are often the choice of pros.


If you are new to shearing, you may wonder what machine you need.  For Pros, you need something that gives you speed.  This would be the Evo (machine) /Icon FX (handpiece) combo from Heiniger or the Nexus (machine) /Skorpion (handpiece)  combo from Lister.  Probably with a solid drive and a Pin fitting.  These machines have multiple speeds and the handpieces have multiple bearings, and are 'well balanced'.  All of this should allow a pro to increase their tallies and routinely get through hundreds of sheep.  Frankly, the pros probably know exactly what kit they want.  What handpiece, what bevel on the combs etc.


Most of us are not competitive sheep shearers and merely need to get a job done.  Of course, you can still go for the deluxe multi speed versions above, or you can save a few pounds and go for the one speed options (which is normally more than enough for somebody shearing a few hundred sheep per year, or managing cattle).  Your typical combos here are Heiniger's One (machine) /Cyclone Icon (handpiece)  OR Lister's Nova (machine) / Scorpion (handpiece).


Once you have selected what combo you want to go for, you now need to select what fitting you want.  Pros often select the solid drive, which is more expensive and is for people with perfect technique.  It takes the weight away from the handpiece and behaves like an elbow, which is helpful if you are regularly shearing hundreds of sheep.  It also helps with speed. Most others usually select the Flexible Drive - which is slightly less expensive and does not require such perfect technique.  It is considered safer and is what we recommend to anyone who is not a pro.  It is also better for crutching/tailing and all round shearing.  Once you have selected your drive, you need to think if you want a Worm (also known as Spline) fitting or a Pin fitting.  The advantages of a Pin fitting is that it is slightly easier to manage between animals, however it can lock up and can be dangerous for those without a lot of experience - imagine a handpiece flying up your arm (we've seen scars).  The advantage of the Worm fitting is that it is much safer and less likely to result in your shear attacking your arm because if you hit anything in the fleece it will disengage without the handpiece locking up.  So, for any non pros we nearly always recommend the Flexible drive with the Worm fitting.  


With all of this said, we have put together 4 'kits' for our customers.  Each kit has a shearing machine, a handpiece, 1 comb, 2 cutters (all-purpose type comb/cutter options with 5mm bevel), oil and some also have a shearing vest.  The kits are designed to save you a little money and to also ensure everything works well together.  Some kits give you a choice of pin/worm or flexible/solid drive.  If you are a 'general' shearer rather than a pro, a 1 speed flexible drive with a worm fitting is usually the best option - and pleasingly the cheapest option too!  AWS for combs and cutters, the included Standard Pack or Farmer Pack are good 'all rounders' with a 5mm bevel - and also alightly safer and easier to use.


Kits start from £798.33 (plus VAT).  All you need to do is add the sheep or cattle.  You can see the full range of kits HERE.


We are a family run business and we love to offer our customers the very best pricing.  If you see any Heiniger or Lister products for a better price elsewhere we will try to beat that price, so let us know and save some money!  We are also very happy to help you select the right cutter and comb for your needs so email us with any questions :


We believe the Heiniger and Lister shearing products are world class - and are so proud that Lister products are still made here in the UK.  

For More Information, please CLICK HERE and get the best price shearing products in the UK




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