Solar Electric Fence Energiser Sale

22 May 2017  |  Admin

Gallagher S17 Electric Fence Energiser is on SALE!


This is one of the best solar energisers in the world. It comes with a 7 year warranty and is ideal for paddocks of up to 1.7km with low vegetation.  All you need to add is a 1 meter earth stake. The energiser comes with a 6 volt rechargeable battery that will run your energiser for almost the entire year - during the darkets winter months you may need to give your battery a couple of extra boosts from the mains. It is very tough and simply sits on the ground - no matter what the weather.  

The solar energiser should be placed in a sunny position, facing due South. It is very low maintenance, environmentally friendly, reliable and cost effective - especially when on sale.  We love solar energiser - and if it comes with a 7 year warranty we love them even more!

Please note that you need to register the energiser with Gallagher online to qualify for the 7 year warranty.  

We have this energiser in stock, along with the rest of our solar energiser range. We offer next day delivery.

Deals like this don't come along very often - so get it while you can!


Only £165.99

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