Solar Lights for Outdoor Sports

6 September 2021  |  Admin

The evenings are getting shorter, but we're not ready to hibernate yet!  Have you considered solar flood lighting to make the most of your evenings and outdoor space?


We have a range of solar floodlights that can help!  The Solar Sportz light and the Solar Arena 2 Light are our best sellers.


Our most popular light is our Solar Sportz light, which is amazingly easy to install.  The lights don't usually need any type of planning permission (they are considered 'portable' lights because they don't need to be wired in).  They don't have any running costs.  Plus, they are so much cheaper than mains lighting to install (no need for an electrician).  One light can deliver 1000 lumens for up to 6 hours every 24 hours, or 500 lumens for up to 12 hours every 24 hours, with zero running cost. 6 lights will light up an average 5-a-side football pitch, or 20m x 20m riding arena (add another 2 lights if you intend to jump).  Your remote control lets you control your lights and decide how bright you want the light setting.  


You may be wondering how they compare to mains lighting and how reliable they are?  Solar lighting has come on massively in the last few years.  It isn't as bright as mains lighting BUT it is very good and well worth using for sports fields, riding arenas and as security lighting.  You can operate our flood lights using the remote control, in 3 different ways.  For sports, the most popular option is to turn them on and off as you need them, just like using a light switch for 'normal' lights.  This allows the battery to be used only when required, making the lights bright and ready for your game.  Some people like to have the lights set to turn on when it gets dark.  They will  stay on for a set amount of time, and can be turned on for longer using the remote control.  For those using the lights for security, the 'movement detection' setting works best - the lights simply turn on when they sense movement and turn off again when the movement has stopped.


Solar lights work by using a rechargeable battery that is within the light itself.  The solar panel on top of the light charges the battery during sunlight hours.  The lights are very reliable.  Of course, during the darkest winter months there is less light, so the battery has less time to charge.  The light will still work, but may not get as much charge.  If you are not using your lights every day, then you preserve your battery power and your lights should still be bright.  If you are using your lights for a long period of time every day, you may find them less bright during the darkest months.  In this instance, some people chose to alternate their lights, or have extra lights in their space so they can turn a few of the lights off on some nights (if needed) to allow the battery to get fully charged up. 


The lights are ridiculously easy to install.  They can be fixed to a wall or mounted on to standard scaffolding poles (available from any building merchant).  The lights come with all the fixings you need, other than the scaffolding poles, and take just minutes to install (no electrician required).  


To recap Solar Sportz Lights:


  • Amazing light coverage for off-grid outdoor spaces - make your evenings longer and your property safer
  • Each light illuminates 200 square meters, with a 20m light spread
  • Easy to install yourself (no need for an electrician)
  • No running cost (solar powered)
  • Very reliable, even during the winter
  • 2 year guarantee
  • 20+ life span of solar cells and up to 5 years for the integral battery (easily replaced)
  • Up to 12 hours of illumination at 500 lumens, or 6 hours of illumination at 1000 lumens.  
  • Lights can turn on automatically when it gets dark, can be turned on and off with the remote (like a light switch), or can be on a motion detection setting.


Solar Sportz lights are ON SALE, which stock lasts!  Currently only £189 per light - and 6 th light is free.  You also get free shipping!  Click here for more details, see reviews or to purchase them now, for the darkening winter nights:



The SolarMate Arena 2 Lights are also popular.  These lights have the ability to add another solar panel to the light, which can extend the usage of the lights if you need continuous light in a professional setting.  They work in the same way as the Solar Solar Light, but the added solar panel makes them a good option for those with a professional riding school or who need lighting for a daily, extended period of time.  They are, of course, more expensive.


Solar Mate Arena 2 Light is £245 per light and £40 for the extra solar panel.  Click here for more details, or to order them now!


Please email with any questions:  We are happy to help!

Solar Lighting - the way of the future!


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