Strip Grazing Electric Fence Kit

5 July 2017  |  Beth

Strip grazing can become essential, for both the health of your horse or pony and the protection of your land.  Electric fencing can provide a quick and simple way to control where and what your horses eat. Electric fencing is easy to install and easy to move, making it an ideal tool to help with strip grazing.  Electric Fencing is also inexpensive, with kits starting at just £99.99.


As strip grazing is a temporary solution, you want something that is light, inexpensive and easy to move around.  We have developed a number of kits for this purpose, the most popular of which are detailed below.  If you have a very determined horse who is likely to challenge the fence, you will want to select the 20mm or wider tape option. If you have a well behaved horse you will likely get away with 12mm tape.  


Hotline Shrike Strip Grazing Kit:  from £99.99

This kit is ideal for small strip grazing set ups. It is the least expensive and easiest electric fence kit and comes with 3ft posts and either 12mm or 20mm tape.  The Hotline Shrike energiser is very simple to use and simply hangs from the fence. It runs from 2 x D-Cell batteries (the batteries are the only thing not included in the kit - but they are readily available). The batteries will power the fence for approximately 8 weeks, 24 hours a day. The Shrike energiser is made here in the UK in Devon, by Hotline and comes with a 3 year warranty.

The kit comes with either green or white posts and tape and has everything you need, minus the 2 x D-Cell batteries, to get your fence up and running.  You are able to add tape and posts, if required.  You can also upgrade to 40mm tape and 4ft posts.  If you would like to slightly alter the kit please call and we are always happy to help. 01323 406212


If you are new to electric fencing, you may also wish to add:

- an electric fence tester

- tape-to-tape connectors (to make both lines of your fence live)

- tape connectors (please do not tie knots in your electric fence tape as it will reduce the power on your fence)


Another popular kit is the Paddock Kit.  This comes with an energiser that can run from either 4 x D-Cell Batteries (and this time the batteries are included with the kit) or from a 12 Volt Leisure Battery.  This is a great value basic starter kit, with 20 posts and 200 meters of 20mm tape which will give 100 meters of double lined fence. Ideal for strip grazing fat ponies or sectioning off larger fields.  You have everything you need in this kit to get started.   The stand, earth stake and 4 x D cell batteries are included with the package, although you may also wish to get a 12 volt leisure battery (not included in the kit).  You also get a gate handle, ring insulators and a warning sign.  

You have a choice of white tape and posts or green tape and posts.  

The DP350 energiser is made in Ireland and comes with a 3 year warranty.  It can run from the D cell batteries, or from a 12 volt rechargeable leisure battery. It has a warning light to let you know if the batteries are running low. The DP350 has a clever battery saving feature, it can halve its pulse rate altered from 60 pulses per minute down to 20 per minute. This feature can more than double the life of the batteries (6v or 12v).

Comes with 

Energiser :
1x DP350 electric fencing energiser
Comes with batteries ( 4x D cells ) so it is ready to work.
The DP350 also has a 12v adapter cable. Plus the usual Live cable, earth stake and earth lead.

Output : 
6v 0.1 J / 1Km
12v 0.25J / 3-4 Km

Comes with a single  200 meter roll of Shock 20mm white tape.
Twin pack 2 rolls of 20mm white tape 200meters ( 400meters total )

Comes with 20 standard white poly posts 104cm (3ft)

Comes with
1 x gate handle
4 x ring insulators. These are for finishing off the fence to a tree or fence post.
1 x warning sign

If you have any questions about electric fencing for your horse or pony, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  We are a family run business and are always happy to help with advice and guidance.

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