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8 October 2020  |  Admin

2020 Review of the BEST Horse Clippers


Here at FarmCare, we have specialised in horse clippers for years and we are in constant discussions with our customers and the clipper manufacturers.  There have been 3 main brands dominating the horse clipper market for some years now - Lister, Heiniger and Liveryman.   There are also some brands that have unfortunately gone downhill, with unreliable parts and cheap clippers imported without full quality control.  We're going to focus on the brands we love and their best clippers in their 2020 line-up - and the reason we love them is that when our customers receive them they are happy!


Let's start with Lister.  All Lister clippers are made here in the UK.  Lister uses tope quality parts and they stand by their products.  They also have a great selection of blades, including the Covercote blade that is unique to Lister and clips to 5mm - this is important to people who show their horses!  let's have a look at the top Lister clippers:


The Lister Star Horse clipper is by far our best selling horse clipper.  This is due to a combination of it's great price and quality.  It is a full size mains clipper - but it quite small and light for a full size clipper and has low vibrations.  This makes it a good choice for nervous horses or people with small hands.  This clipper will manage to clip between 1 and 3 horses on a regular basis, but is not for people who are clipping a large number of horses.  It comes with a 2 year warranty.


The Lister Liberty is Lister's best 'all round' clipper.  It comes in a variety of options - with a battery (the Popular pack), as a mains clipper (Mains Pack) or with a battery and a mains lead (Yard Pack).  It has a more powerful and stronger motor than the Lister Star, but is also a little more expensive.  The Mains clipper is £250 and the Cordless pack is £325.00.  If I was choosing a Lister clipper this would be my choice due to the extra power and the cordless option.  It is fractionally larger than the Star, but there's not much in it.


The Lister Legend is a real work horse of a clipper.  It's more powerful and slightly larger than the Liberty and is good for people with a number of horses to clip.  The Legend costs £279.99.


The Fusion is Lister's newest and most powerful clipper.  It is great for professionals due to its power and speed setting options.  It is a mains clipper and is the heaviest of Lister's clippers - although I'm only 5 foot 2 and I can manage it.  You don't really need a clipper of this power unless you have a horse with a really tough coat or if you're clipping a lot.  But it is a great clipper for those who need power.  It costs £315 and currently comes with a free second set of blades.

Lister also has a range of trimmers which they make with their sister company Wahl, but we'll cover the smaller trimmers in a separate post.


So, now let's move on to Heiniger.  Heiniger is based in Switzerland and their clippers are amazing.  The Swiss are very proud of their engineering and refer to the 'Swisness' of their clippers!  All their clippers are made in Switzerland and they come with a 3 year warrant - any servicing is done in their UK workshop.  Over all, Heiniger is known to have the quietest clippers on the market - which is probably true.


The Heiniger Xplorer is by far the most popular of Heiniger's horse and cattle clippers.  This may be because the battery of this cordless clipper is based in the handle of the clipper, which lends a certain freedom for the person doing the clipping.  The clipper is powerful, but quiet and with low vibrations.  There is no option to add a mains lead and you can't get a blade that clips to 5mm with this clipper.  However, I really love this clipper and it is my favourite of the Heiniger clippers. In fact, if it had the option of a mains lead and it took the Covercote blades this would be my clipper of choice.  It's a tough call!  It costs £349.99 and currently comes with a free wireless speaker (to compliment the cordless freedom of the clipper).


The Heiniger Xplorer is a great mains clipper.  It's powerful, not too heavy and comfortable to use.  There's not too much to say about it, other than it's a very reliable choice!  It costs £295.99.  


The Heiniger Progress is similar to the Lister Star, but is more expensive.  It's a starter clipper for those with between 1 and 3 horses.  It costs £210.00 so is not necessarily the best deal at the moment - unless you already have lost of Heiniger blades and want a small clipper.


The Heiniger Spahir Horse is a new clipper.  It's the size of a trimmer, but has lots of power and a wide blade, so you can easily clip a whole horse with normal hair.  You can hog and manage feathers too, with no problem.  I actually think this is a fantastic choice for anyone new to clipping.  It takes the snap-on blades, so you don't need to worry about tensioning.  It is cordless, with the battery in the handle of the clipper.  And you can add a narrow blade so you can use it as a trimmer and clipper and do the whole horse, including the tricky akward areas without needing two machines.  The wide blade is very slightly narrower than a full size clipper blade, but if you're just clipping one horse this shouldn't be a problem.  This is definitely worth considering and is what I would buy if I had a teenager looking to clip their own horse, or if I just had one horse and wanted to quickly clip myself.  It's also a really good option for nervous horses as it has the lowest vibrations and noise over all.  The Saphir is hugely popular with vets due to it's power, yet low noise and vibration.  It costs £299.99.


Liveryman is the final brand we will briefly cover.  It has historically made some great clippers and their most popular clipper is the Black Beauty.  The Liveryman Black Beauty is really comfortable to use and people who have one are very very happy.  There have been a few issues with some of the earlier models, which Liveryman ironed out over time.  The Black Beauty comes in cordless and mains options.  Liveryman have discontinued many of their older clippers.  The Harmony Plus is still in their line up.  It is a very small clipper or a very large trimmer!  It's another good option for anyone with 1 horse who wants pre-tensioned blades and if you get the wide blade you can clip a whole horse with this clipper.


For a full line up of all of our clippers and for the latest offers, please follow the link below (we're always very keenly priced and have spent years working with the best clipper manufacturers to get the best deals for our customers)

Or, if you have any questions, please email  We are a small family run business who specialise in clippers.  We will give honest advice and we only carry brands that we fully support.  Your clipper is a significant investment and it's worth spending the time to get one that is right for you!


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