Wahl Adore Horse Trimmer Coming to the UK SOON

20 February 2020  |  Admin

The Wahl Adore horse and pet trimmer is finally coming to the UK!

Wahl and Lister Shearing are sister brands, and recently we have seen them increasingly sharing their knowledge and resources to create the very best grooming products for horses and pets alike.  That is why the Lister Adagio trimmer has now been replaced by the Wahl Adore trimmer.  This light weight, low noise, low vibration trimmer is excellent for nervous animals.  It is small enough to get in to those hard-to-reach areas, but powerful enough to cut through the hair without loosing power even in tricky sections of the animal's.

The trimmer can run from a mains lead, or from a rechargeable battery.  The battery will run the trimmer for 100 minutes and recharges in 150 minutes.  

The blades are tough and are pre-tensioned, making for easy and smooth clipping every time.  They can be adjusted to clip from 0.7mm to 3mm.  

The trimmer is made in Germany and is extremely well engineered and reliable.

This trimmer is ideal for anyone with between 1 and 4 horses, for all trimming jobs and hard to reach areas.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  We're a family run business and happy to help!

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