Wahl KM Cordless clipper on sale - save 85

7 December 2023  |  Beth

Wahl KM Cordless clipper on sale - save 85

The Wahl KM Cordless is a great clipper for horses and dogs - yes - one clipper can clip the whole of your horse and dog!


The 'all-in-one' clippers are becoming increasingly popular since they have become much more powerful with the introduction if lithium batteries.  If you have just 1 horse with 'normal' hair, and a couple of dogs or small animals, this is a fantastic option and the only machine you will need.  You pop on a wide blade for the body of the horse, and a narrow blade for the trickier areas and for your small pets.  It has 2 speeds, and as much power as a Lister Star horse clipper.  However, it is smaller, lighter, quieter and has less vibrations than a traditional 'full size' clipper, so it is much kinder on both the animal and your hands!


Heiniger has a similar style of clipper that is very popular, known as the Heiniger Saphir and the Heiniger Opal, and Liveryman has the slightly less powerful Harmony Plus.   The KM Cordless is not as well known for horses here in the UK, but it is very well known world wide and is more powerful than the other options, better value and it has a 3 year warranty.  


The KM Cordless takes the A5 snap on blades, so it is super easy to get a selection of lengths from a variety of brands.  Here's a bit more information:

  • Powerful brushless motor, with 2 speeds or 3000 and 3700 RPM (fastest in the market)
  • Only 68 decibels - so much quieter than full size clippers, and with very minimal vibrations
  • Constant Speed Control gives an extra burst of energy when you get to tough parts of the coat
  • 2 hours of run time on a 1 hour charge
  • Quick charge feature gives you an extra 15 minutes of clipping for every 10 minutes charged
  • Weighs only 458 grams, so great for small hands and lighter than a full size machine
  • Clips horses, dogs and other pets - one machine can do it all!
  • Comes with a Number 10 blade that clips to 1.8mm.  Add guards or other blade types to get different lengths (see optional extras)
  • There is an option to add a 10W wide blade, so you can clip the whole body using the wide blade, and the trickier parts or smaller animals using the narrow blade.  The wide blade clips to 2.3mm  (KM1221-5840)    
  • 3 year warranty

This is amazing bit of kit!  It's a steal at £215, while supplies last.  RRP is £299.

If you have any questions, please email us at sales@farmcareuk.com  We are a family run business and we are happy to help.

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