Want to start clipping your own horse?

21 October 2021  |  Admin

Want to start clipping your own horse?

Are you thinking about clipping your own horse?  If so, give it a go!  In the long run it will save you money, time and it will also be less stressful for your horse.  Some people even find it a bonding experience!

What you need:

  • a clean horse - so give him/her a good groom and, ideally a shampoo.  Any grit left in your horse's hair could blunt your clipping blades.
  • a good quality horse clipper, suitable for your horse's hair
  • a trimmer, for around the sensitive areas
  • clipper oil
  • about an hour of time!
  • a distraction for your horse, if they are nervous.  A treat is helpful!

The most important part of your kit is getting the right horse clipper.  There are some terrible ones in the market!  brands to consider are Lister Shearing (who hold the Royal Warrant and make all their clippers in the UK).  Heiniger (known to have the quiests horse clippers - made in Switzerland).  Liveryman (they have good quality control and will sort out any problems).  We won't list the brands to avoid, but some of the older brands or imported brands are best to avoid.


You also need to decide if you need a cordless clipper.  Cordless clippers are great for those who don't have access to the mains, or for those with horses who don't like the sensation of the cord.  They are also a good option for beginners because you don't need to worry about the horse standing on the lead!  However, they are more expensive than other clippers (batteries cost a lot) and they are not as powerful as the 'high power' professional clippers.

The 3 best cordless horse clippers are:

Heiniger Xplorer - the battery is in the handle of the clipper.  This clipper is very quiet with low vibrations.  It comes with a 3 year warranty.  I love this clipper.  One of my favourites to use!

Lister Liberty - the battery sits on a belt around your waist.  It takes all the Lister blades including the very popular Covercote blade which clips to 5mm, is great for showing your horse and is unique to Lister.  

Liveryman Black Beauty - this is a god clipper and comfortable to use.  It has had a few historical tensioning issues, which are resolved now.


Starter Clippers on a Budget

Lister Star Horse Clipper- this is by far the best selling clipper in the UK.  It's great value and sometimes has some great deals.  It's a mains operated clipper and is a good choice for people with between 1 and 3 horses with normal coats.  If you have a very hairy horse, you may need a heavier duty clipper than this.

You could also consider the Heiniger Progress, which is a very similar clipper but tends not to be such a good 'deal'.


Starter Clipper - for those with small hands, a nervous horse, or a hatred of tensioing blades!

Heiniger Saphir Horse - this is a slightly different type of clipper.  It is a cordless clipper 9with the option of adding a cord) and has 'snap-on' blades so you don't need to worry about tensioing.  You can use it with a narrow blade as a trimmer, or a wide blade as a clipper (so you only need one machine).  It has very low vibrations and is quieter than the larger clippers.  This means it is a really good option for people with 1 or 2 horses with 'normal' coats.  It comes with 2 batteries.


Heavy Duty Clippers - for hairy beasts and professionals

If you are clipping a lot, you need a mains heavy duty clipper.

Lister Fusion - with 2 speeds.  This is a real work horse.  It's heavier and slightly louder than the Lister Star and Liberty, but it really gets the job done well!  It also takes all the Lister blades, including the popular Covercote.

Heiniger Xperience - with 2 speeds.  Another work horse.  It can handle any job, and takes the Heiniger blades.


Medium Duty Clippers - for those with 1 or 2 hairy beasts

If you don't need a 'professional' heavy duty clipper, but worry the Lister Star won't be man enough for your horses, here are some good options.

Lister Legend - a good quality powerful clipper that will get the job done!

Heiniger Handy - no bells or whistles, but this is powerful and efficient!


If your horse has 'normal' hair it's a good idea to start using Medium or A2 blades.  These tend to be easier to use and don't leave as many tram lines!


If your horse has Coarse hair you may need to use a Coarse Blade to get through any tough bits.


Lister's Covercote blade is popular for those showing their horse, and leaves hair at 5mm.


You need to use oil at least every 5 minutes, and clean your blades and put oil on them once you have finished clipping too.


Let your horse get used to the sound and feel of the clipper.  Don't rush them.  If they are nervous, spend a few days just letting them hear the clipper before you try removing any hair.


Use long, slow and steady strokes.  Keep calm.  Talk to your horse.


It's actually much easier than you think!


For trimming around the face and legs, it's much easier to use a smaller trimmer.  Most trimmers are quite similar, so if you just have a handful of horses, don't worry to much about your choice of trimmer.  They nearly all do a good job.  The Sierra is by far the best value and is very popular!  You don't need to spend a lot on a trimmer!  Invest in your main horse clipper, where the difference really shows!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  We are happy to help!  

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