Goat Electric Fence Starter Kit

Goat Electric Fence Starter Kit

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Electric Fence Starter Kit For Goats


This kit lets you set up a 225 metre 3 strand electric fence for goats, with the exception of a 12 volt battery if you choose to run the energiser from a 12 volt battery and lead out wire if you run it from the mains (add these on, according to your needs).  The energiser can run from either the mains or a 12 volt rechargeable battery.  The kit includes 20 x 4 ft plastic posts.  If possible, we recommend having wooden posts or steel posts every 3 - 5 metres with plastic posts in between.  If you do have wooden or steel posts, you will need to add the appropriate number of insulators for these posts.   If you don't have wooden posts, place your plastic posts a little closer together, for extra strength.

The Kit comes with:

  • Gemini 80 Energiser.  Made in the UK with a 5 year warranty.
  • Stand and mini earth for energiser
  • 20 x 4ft green posts made in Germany
  • 700 metres of Heavy Duty Electric Fence Twine with 6 conductors of 0.2mm of Stainless Steel. Made in the UK.
  • 4 x ring insulators - for tying off the fence to a tree or wooden post
  • 2 x gate handles
  • 1 x warning sign


More Information on the Gemini 80:

This energiser is made by Hotline, right here in the UK. It can run from the mains or from a 12 volt battery, and comes with the mains adapter and the cables to connect to the battery.  The Gemini 80 has a 5 year warranty.  The energiser is very easy to use and can be mounted on a wall or a post. It is designed to be out in all weather, but must be housed indoors if connected to the mains.  It has a light that flashes to let you know that it is working, and a light that flashes if the battery is low.

The Gemini 80 can power a multi-wire fence of up to 8KM and has 0.8 output joules. It is ideal for larger paddocks, goats, sheep and pigs. It can power up to 3 poultry nets.

The Gemini is very easy to mount on either a wall, post or the included stand/mini earth stake.


Goat Fencing Tips

  • A line of heavy duty twine should be placed at the goats knee, chest and nose height.
  • Wooden or metal posts should be placed in between plastic posts, to lend extra strength to the fence.  
  • A '3 reel system' can be added, to make it easy to move the fence and keep tension on the fence.
  • A solar panel can be added to keep your 12 volt battery charged.  If you are charging you battery on the mains, it will need charging about every 3 weeks.
  • If your goats have horns, they may get them tangled in the twine and this can give them a good shock.  It will not hurt the goat.
  • If you would like to make each line of twine live this can be done by using either Hart-to-Hart connectors (the best solution) or by using wire to connect each line.


Please note: you may also wish to add a FENCE TESTER if you do not already have one.  This will help you manage your fence and solve any problems.

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