High Power  12v or Mains 3ft Post Kit - green or white

High Power 12v or Mains 3ft Post Kit - green or white

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High Power Electric Fence Starter Kit

Horse starter kit that has the extra power!

This both ensures that the horses respect the fence and you have plenty of extra power to lengthen the fence as required.....



What comes in the kit ?

This kit has everything you need, with exception of a 12 volt battery, for a 2 line 100 metre electric fence.  The energiser can run from either the mains or a 12 volt battery, giving you flexibility.  If you want to have a longer fence, simply add more posts and tape.

  • Horizont AN8 Energiser. This energiser is made in Germany and comes with a 2 year warranty. It comes with a stand and all wires needed.
  • 20 x 3ft white or green electric fence posts. These posts are strong good quality posts, made in Germany.
  • 200 metres of white or green 20mm electric fence tape.  Good quality tape made in the UK.
  • 1 x gate handle
  • 4 x ring insulators
  • 1 x warning sign
  • FREE Fence Tester! Please note - the fence tester may look slightly different to the one in the picture.

More Information On the AN8 Energiser

  • Made in Germany
  • 2 year warranty
  • Can run from the mains or from a 12 volt battery
  • Comes with stand and mini earth stake.  Can also easily be mounted on a wall or a post.
  • Comes with 12v power leads, 240v -12v mains adapter
  • Includes Live and Earth Fencing leads
  • LED lights to tell you that your fence is working and warn you when your battery is running low

Specifications :
Stored power;0.8 Joules.
Output power; 0.45 Joules
Volts no load; 7900v.    500 Ohm load; 3300v
Max fence length; 4 km.    Realistic length; 2.5 km.
Input  V 12v 50mA
The Hotline Gemini 40 will power up to 2 x 25m nets


Upgrade options:

Kit comes with a single 200 metre roll of 20mm white or green tape.

Upgrade option:

  • Twin pack 2 rolls of 20mm white or green tape 200 metres (400 metres total)
  • 200 meters of 40mm white or green tape

Kit comes with 20 x 3ft white or green polyposts 
Upgrade option:

Switch to 4ft posts for taller horses
To add extra posts to a kit please add them from the links below

3ft posts white
3ft posts green 

You may also wish to add a fence tester for any trouble shooting, and a tape-to-tape connector to easily make both lines of your fence live.

The Green Option :
If you select Kit Colour GREEN we will change the posts to GREEN and also change the tape (20mm) to GREEN all the rest of the Kit will remain the same.

If you do not see what you require here please contact us at sales@farmcareuk.com and we can put together a kit to suit you.  We are a family run business and happy to help.



Just add a 12v battery and you have everything you need to divide up a paddock or fence in your horse / pony. You can also add a Solar Panel to your 12 Volt battery and you will not need to worry about charging up your battery!





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