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7 March 2021  |  Admin

Simple and Cost Effective Electric Fence Set-Up for a Horse or Pony


We often get contacted by people who are completely new to electric fencing and are seeking a simple, cost effective electric fence for their horse or pony.  If you are looking for the very simplest electric fence, that will secure your horse economically, perhaps for strip grazing or just for dividing up a small section of a field, it doesn't have to cost a lot.  Here is the cheapest way to set up a battery operated electric fence:


  • Select electric tape.  12mm tape is the least expensive.  Don't scrimp on quality - there is some very bad imported tape on the market that breaks quickly and is a waste of money.  Our tape is made in Ireland and is good value for money and perfect for horses.  If you can, 20mm is better and not much more money. https://www.farmcareuk.com/tape.html
  • Select 3ft posts, unless you have a large horse.  Again, there is a range of quality in posts.  Ours are supplied by a reliable manufacturer in Europe.
  • The energiser is the most expensive part of your kit.  There are a few great options.  The Hotline Shrike is hard to beat and is only £75.00.  It can run from 2 D-cell batteries for 8 weeks.  Or you can add the solar panel, which will run your energiser during the day, with the batteries kicking in when it gets dark. It comes with an impressive 5 year warranty and is made here in the UK.  The Gallagher B10 energiser is also a great option.  It is slightly more expensive at £85.99 but it has a 7 year warranty if you register it with Gallagher online.  And the Fenceman DP350B is another great option.  I'd probably go with the Shrike - but they all work really well.  It's not worth getting a cheap energiser - stick with the good brands, with the warranties!  here's a link to all the small energisers:   https://www.farmcareuk.com/small-battery-energisers.html  
  • The other energiser to consider is a 9 volt energiser.  These energiser have 9 volt batteries inside them, that need to be replaced when they run out (they last for about 3 - 9 months depending on which battery you select and your fence).  The Trapper B12 is by far our best seller for 9 volt energisers.  if you have a really small fence, it's also worth considering Gallagher's BA20 (it has a 7 year warranty if you register it with Gallagher).  Here's a link to the 9 volt energisers https://www.farmcareuk.com/9-volt-energisers.html  I'd go with the Trapper B12, just for the extra power.
  • The 9 volt batteries cost about £15 for a 55Ah battery.
  • Most people also use a couple of gate handles, to make it easy to get in and out of the fence.
  • Finally, a fence tester is a really good idea.  The £12 starter tester is fine (they can get really expensive, but you don't need anything fancy). https://www.farmcareuk.com/multi-level-fence-tester.html
  • You also want a tape to tape connector, to make both lines of tape live.  https://www.farmcareuk.com/tape-to-tape-connector.html
  • Tape connectors are a good idea - buy a pack of 10.  They're not expensive and you can use them to attach 2 bits of tape together.
  • For colour, you have a choice of green or white.  I prefer green because it looks nicer and apparently horses' can see it more easily.  But humans can see white more easily - so take your pick!  


Or, you can just get it all in our best selling kit, The Equine Starter Kit for £134.99 https://www.farmcareuk.com/horse-kits.html


The fences are really easy to set up.  You want to place your posts between 5 and 10 metres apart (the closer they are, the stronger the fence).  If your land is undulating, add more posts.  The posts have a spike and just push into the ground.  You want to have 2 lines of tape, adjusted to the height of your horse.  You don't want them to duck under, or go over the top!  If you have one small pony and a large horse, you may need 3 lines of tape.  The tape fits through the loops on the plastic poles.  Don't tie your tape in knots - use tape connectors to join 2 pieces together (knots will run the circuit).  Finally, add your energiser.  It will usually come with the wire that connects the energiser to the fence.  Makes sure your energiser comes with an earth stake, or get the right earth stake to go with your energiser.  All the small energisers mentioned above only need a 50cm earth stake (larger energisers need longer earth stakes).  The earth stake is a critical bit of kit and must be connected properly and pushed well into the ground.  Add you tape to tape connector to make both rows of your fence live.  You attached one bucks to the top line of fence, and one to the bottom line of fence.  you only need 1 for the whole fence, although some people opt to use 2 - just to be safe (this isn't necessary if you are on a budget).  Then test your fence and make sure you have at least 6,000 volts on the fence.  Fence testers work in different ways, but for the £12 one we recommend, you simply push the spike into the ground and put the hook on your tape - then take your reading (you may need to shield the lights from the sun).  


It's that easy!  The vast majority of horses respond well to electric fences.  Once they get a zap, they learn to stay away from the fence.  The fence won't hurt them and the aim is to keep your horse safe.  You may get the odd determined horse and if you own one of these Houdinis, then you'll need to opt for a more powerful energiser and probably 40mm tape.  

You can scrimp on the width of tape, the fence tester, gate handles and tape connectors.  Don't choose an unknown brand of electric fence energiser, or cheap imported tape or posts - they're more effort than they are worth!  We have been in business for a long time, so we source items from trusted manufacturers who we have worked with for years and this is why we can confidently offer good quality at great prices.


If you have any questions about the best electric fence for your horse, please don't hesitate to email and ask sales@farmcareuk.com.  We are a family run business and we are happy to help.


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