Best Solar Electric Fences 2021

15 February 2021  |  Admin

Best Solar Electric Energisers and Fencers and Solar Electric Fencing Kits for 2021


Solar electric fence energisers have been around for a long time now.  If you are based in the UK and have a small to medium size fence to create, then solar is a really great option.  They are particularly good options for horses, cats and dogs.

Here's a quick guide to the best solar energisers, and the best solar kits for 2021:


The Hotline FireDrake range

From £219.99

Available in 2 sizes, the 34 (for fences up to 3km) and 67 (for fences up to 5km), these energisers are great value.  It's important to look at the Joule rating when reviewing energisers.  Even those these energisers go to 3km or 5km, depedning on which you pick, they have a really good Joule output compared to others that go to the same distance.  This means that they've got a good 'zap'.  They are robust units, and sit on a neat stand that doubles as an earth stake.  They are made here in the UK and come with a 3 year warranty.

Verdict:  we love everything about these energisers.


The Gallagher S10, S16, S20, S40 and S100 range

From £141.99

Available in 5 sizes, these energisers are robust and compact.  They are for fences from anywhere from 1km to 10 km and the prices goes up with the power.  They come with an impressive 7 year warranty if you register them online with Gallagher (otherwise it's only 3 years - so don't forget!).  These energisers don't have the same power as the Hotline FireDrake range, even though they do comparable distances.  So, it's a choice of extra warranty with these energisers, or extra power with the FireDrake!

Verdict:  Gallagher really believe in their product and the 7 year warranty is amazing.  These are great energisers and well worth the money.


Fenceman CP900 with Solar Panel


The Fenceman CP900 is a really popular 12 volt energiser.  It has the option to turn up the power to a high setting for cheeky animals, then to turn it down once they are trained.  The solar panel charges your 12 volt battery and is designed especially to go with this energiser.  If you like the ability to change the setting on your energiser, then this is a good choice.

Verdict: I'd definitely add the solar panel if I already had this energiser.


HotLine Shrike with Solar Panel


This energiser works a bit differently.  The solar panel runs the energiser during daylight hours.  Then, the D-cell or 12 volt batteries (whichever you pick) kick in when it gets dark.  Considering D-cell batteries can run the energiser for 12 weeks, 8 hours a day, then this is a really easy and cost effective option.  It's very popular for strip grazing and for temporary fences at events and camping.


Verdict:  For a small temporary fence, there's no easier option!  


Solar Electric Fence Kits:

Solar energisers are amazing.  If I was starting an electric fence from scratch, I would definitely opt for a solar kit for a small to medium size fence.   It works out to be cost effective and, most importantly, it is really easy.  No more charging batteries, or replacing batteries every few months.  Plus they are so easy to move.  I probably wouldn't select an 'all-in-one' solar energiser for animals likes pigs or cattle, but for horses, poultry, dogs and cats, this would be my choice every time.


Best Solar Electric Fence Kits 2021


There is a range of kits.  If I was selecting for a horse, I would go for one of the Hotline FireDrake kits above any other type of electric fence on the market.  I just love the power for the money - and the ease of use.  The kits are typically for a 100m double line fence, or 200m single line fence - but you can easily add bits on to make them longer.   The kits don't usually include a fence tester - so be sure to add one on if you don't already have one.  Adding a 'Tape to Tape' connector or a 'Heart to Heart' is also a good idea if it is a 2 line fence (these help you make both lines 'live' in a neat and easy manner).

There are some new 'pet and garden' solar kits coming out in May/June which look really good for small spaces - great for dogs and cats.

Solar kits may seem expensive to start with, but once you factor in the cost of batteries and charging on the other kits, you soon relise that solar kits are no more expensive and will probably save you money in the long run.  The most appealing part about solar kits is the ease of installation, ease of use, ease of portability and, of course, that they are better for the environment.

Solar kits start from £145.50.

To see all of the Solar Electric Fencing Kits, click here:


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