Lightning arrestor kits for electric fences - protect your land, buildings and animals

1 March 2018  |  Beth

Lightning Arrestors for Electric Fences

If you have an electric fence, it is very important to consider a lighting arrestor kit.  They are particularly important if you have a Mains energiser.  If lightning strikes your electric fence or close to your electric fence, the lightning will feed back up the fence to your energiser. It will ruin your energiser and, far worse, it may set fire to your energiser.  

The lightning arrestor diverts the large power surge to earth and thereby protects your energiser and the building it is in.  An additional benefit of the Large Lightning Arrestor Kit is that it can act as an on/off switch.


There are 2 types of lightning arrestor kit. 

1)  Lightning Arrestor Kits Large lightning arrestor kit, that can also act as an on/off switch. £25.25

2) Mini Lightning Arrestor Kit  A small lightning arrestor kit. This requires an earth stake.  £14.50

Really, all electric fences should have a lightning arrestor kit, and this is especially true if you have a Mains electric fence or a very large electric fence.  They are easy to install and could prevent a nasty fire.

Protect your land buildings and animals!


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