Environmentally friendly electric fencing

11 November 2021  |  Admin

Environmentally friendly electric fencing

Here at FarmCare UK we're trying to do our bit to help our planet.  We are encouraging everyone to use solar energisers where possible.  They are a great option and not only are they kinder to the environment, they are also economical and reliable.  They can keep your animals safe, and help protect hedgerows and other animals.


We've also introduced environmentally friendly fence posts.  They are made from high spec recycled plastic.  They are very strong.  The only potential downside is that they only come in one colour option - a graphite black.  But we think they blend in nicely - and does your fence post colour really matter when it comes to helping the planet?


Have you considered solar lights to light up your arena or even inside your stable?  They don't usually need planning permission, they are really easy to put up and they use the sun to charge them!


We are currently trying to source environmentally friendly electric tape and rope.  We are also creating an environmentally friendly electric fence kit for horses.


Finally, we re-use our packaging as much as possible and re-cycle whenever we can.


We're trying and we will keep trying to find new ways to do our bit.


Please consider our Eco options.


Click here to see our Eco Electric fence Posts!  They are the same price, same mould and same strength as standard posts.

Click here to see our solar electric fence energisers!  They are so easy to use!

Click here to see our solar panel, for those who already have 12 volt energisers and want to use the sun to charge them!  Only £36.99.

Click here to see our Solar Arena Lights!  They don't usually need planning permission and they are really easy to put up!


Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas!


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