Grants for Solar Powered Electric Fences and Energisers 2021

17 February 2021  |  Admin


Don't miss out!  Did you know there are some grants that can help you pay for your solar electric fence energiser and weighing and EID equipment?


The mains grant scheme is the Countryside Productivity Small Grants Scheme.  This has been running for several years now, and aims to promote more efficient farming.  The grant scheme is for farmers, and offers up to 40% of the cost of qualifying products, up to a maximum of £12,000.  If you have successfully already received some grant but did not get the full £12,000 you can apply again for the balance of the funds.  

The current scheme has an extended deadline until June 2021 to claim your grant.  A new round for grant applications is expected to be announced soon.  For more details visit:


The full range of Gallagher solar energisers, which come with a 7 year guarantee if you register them online with Gallagher, are covered, with exception of the smallest 2 energisers.

The Gallagher S100 Solar Energiser is top of the range, and can run a fence of up to 30km, although 10km and under is the 'realistic' or recommended range.  It has a 1 Joule charging energy and from a fully charged battery it can run for 3 weeks with no daylight.  It is great for horses, cattle, sheep, goat, deer, foxes and dogs.  Solar energisers really have come on a lot and are incredibly easy to move and use.  It costs £379.99.

The Gallagher S40 can run a 'realistic' length fence of up to 5km and costs £254.99


The Gallagher S20 can run a 'realistic' length fence of up to 2km and costs £212.95

The HotLine FireDrake 67 Solar Electric Fence Energiser also qualifies and can run a fence of up to 5km.  It has slightly higher power than the Gallagher S40, but only has a 3 year warranty.  It is made here in the UK   £275.99

The HotLine FireDrake 34 electric fencer is a really great energiser for smaller fields.  It has more power than the Gallagher S20 (even though they say they do the same length of fence), although it again only has a 3 year warranty rather than the impressive 7 year Gallagher warranty.  It costs £219.99

For the full range of solar energiser visit: or email with any questions.  We are happy to help.


Weighing and EID equipment is also covered and can be seen here:

We have a range of Gallagher smart tag readers and data collectors, digital weigh scales, complete horse scale weighing kits and load bars.  Make the most of the grants!


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