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25 February 2021  |  Admin

Electric Fence Tape Guide


Electric fencing tape comes in different lengths, widths, with different numbers and thickness of conductors and with different types and amounts of plastic.  There are some very cheap electric fence tape imports which give disappointing results.  So, how do you know which electric fence tape to pick?


The first thing to consider is the type of fence you are creating.  If it is a permanent fence with wooden posts, it is worth spending a little more and getting top quality tape.  This will mean it will last longer and you will be spared the work of changing it.   For example, our top of the line electric fence tape, Optima, comes with a 5 year anti-UV manufacturers warranty.  It has UV stabalised plastic, reinforced top and bottom edges and has 10 x stainless steel conductors.  It is noticeably heavier to hold because of the extra materials used.  It has 0.85Ohms resistance and a 330kg break strain.  It comes in green or white and in 20mm or 40mm widths.  40mm is best!

Best top quality electric tape for permanent fences:  Optima

A 250m roll of 40mm Optima electric fence tape, in green or white, costs £61.  You can see more details here.


If you are in a windy area, you may want to opt for 20mm tape or even 12mm tape.  This will stop the 'sail effect' and help your tape last longer.  Some tapes also come with an 'open weave' which allows wind to pass through the tape.  For example, our Liveline Superior Tapes is perfect for windy locations - it has the heavy duty open weave, with a reinforced top and bottom edge for extra strength.   It has 6 stainless steel conductors (4 x 0.20mm and 2 x 0.3mm) and is greater for longer fields (up to 8km) due to its good conductivity.  It has a 80kg breakstrain.  It uses UV stabailsed plastic and has a 3 year manufacturer warranty.  

Best electric tape for windy fields:  Liveline

A 200m roll of 20mm Liveline is £20.99.  More details can be seen here:


For temporary fences, it isn't usually necessary to get the top quality tape, and it can also be a bit heavy for the plastic posts.  Most poeple opt for 20mm Shock tape, that has 4 x stainless steel conductors of 0.2mm.  This tape is still good quality (much better than  cheap imports).  It is all made in Ireland and is the best selling tape.  It is available in 12mm, 20mm or 40mm.

Best electric fence tape for temporary fences:  Shock

A roll of 200m of 20mm Shock (in green or white) is £12.50, or a twin pack (of two rolls), is £19.99.  More details can be seen here:


All of our tape at FarmCare UK is made in the same factory in Ireland.  The difference in price comes down to the materials used.  Because we go directly to the manufacturer,we are confident that our pricing is the best in the country for the quality of tape you receive!


Electric fence tape tips maintenance:

Never tie knots in your tape!  It will stop the electricity flowing around the fence but blocking some of the conductors.  please use electric fence tape connectors.  You can see the tape connectors here:  It really doesn't matter which type of tape connector you use - it's just personal preference.  But please use them!

It's also important to select the right type of electric fence insulator for your tape, if you are using wooden posts.  You don't want the tape 'rubbing' against the insulator, which will create friction and wear the tape through.  Clamp insulators are a really good option.  You can see clamp insulators here:  They are a tiny bit more work to put in than the 'scre-in' insulators, but worth the effort (especially if you have the top quality tape.  It's also a good idea to use corner insulators to finish you runs of tape, and secure them with a tape connector.  Corner insulators can be seen here.


Electric fence tape colour selection:

Again, a lot of this comes down to personal selection.  In National Parks, green is often requested or even required, so it blends in with the countryside.  

There is some thought among scientists that horses see in shades of green and that green tape is therefore easier for them to see.  Of course, for humans white tape is easier to see!

Typically, people match their fence tape colour to their plastic post colour.  


So, when it comes to colour and electric fence tape, just pick what you like.  I go for green!


Electric fence tape and animals:

Electric tape is often the barrier of choice if you have a mix of animals.  This is because it is safe.  Electric wine can hurt some animals (for example horses) because it doesn't break if they charge it.  If you have a mix of animals, electric tape is always a good option.  It's usually best to go for wider tape if you have a mix of strong or cheeky animals who may challenge the fence - for example goats and pigs.


For horses electric tape is the most popular barrier of choice, followed by electric rope.




If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email  We are happy to help.  Also, have a look at our full range of electric fence tape.  It really is excellent quality and value - the bets in the UK in our opinion!


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