Solar Powered Water Pump for your farm - more popular than ever

8 October 2020  |  Admin

Solar Powered Water Pumps - more popular than ever!

It's great to see a huge take up on the increasingly popular solar powered water pumps.  We've seen a number of customers manage to get them completely or partially funded by grants, so these pumps can really benefit the farmer and the environment!


if you have animals close to fresh water, these pumps are definitely worth considering.  They save time, they are really economical compared to mains water and they're easier to use and more flexible than traditional pasture pumps.  They also keep livestock out of streams which keeps the water clean and stops the spread of waterborne disease.  Not to mention preventing erosion of the banks and stops soil run-off.  What's not to like?

The system easily fits with traditional water troughs, so you don't need to disturb your animals habits or re-train them with a new system.  The water pump kits are simple 12 volt pumping systems.  Large volumes of water (up to 35 litres per hour) can be transferred from a water source to a trough, which is enough to supply up to 90 cattle with all their water requirements, without any need to change batteries.  

There is no need for balancing tanks or header tanks, just your standard water trough. The pump is connected to 30m of hose which feeds back from the water source to the trough. The trough is fitted with a float switch which controls the submersible pump as the water level drops. The kit is powered by a 12v battery (minimum 75Ah) which sits in the Weatherproof Control Box Housing supplied. 

This solar model includes a high efficiency 30w moncrystalline solar panel complete with a robust 5ft steel mounting stand. This panel will recharge your 12V battery during daylight hours.


A solar powered water pump kit costs £649.99 including VAT.  This does not include a water trough.  There are some grants available. 


For more information, or to order your pump visit:

Kit includes:-

Weatherproof Polypropylene Control Housing
30W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel with 5m Lead
Powder Coated Heavy Duty Stand
Submersible Pump with 30m Cable
30m Re-inforced Hose
Float Switch

Benefits of Fencing of Watercourses:

  • River bank vegetation is re-established, helping to reduce erosion.
  • Establishes a buffer strip between rivers and fields that intercepts soil run off.
  • Reduces soil run-off to help keep important nutrients on the land, often reducing the need and cost of using fertiliser.
  • Keeps livestock out of rivers which helps to reduce the spread of waterborne disease.
  • Ensures clean fishing waters by separating livestock from watercourses.
  • Failing to address soil erosion can affect single farm payments. Focus on water quality will increase under the new basic payment scheme.
  • Provision of water supplies for livestock fenced out of watercourses can attract grant funding from a number of bodies in specific catchment areas.

Amount of water required for livestock

Approximate daily requirements. Supply based on 4hr run time per day @ 2m of head

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There is an increasing requirement for land owners and managers to keep livestock away from watercourses. The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) has been establishing a framework for the protection of inland waters, transitional waters (estuaries), coastal waters and groundwater. This is covered in the UK by The Water Environment Regulations 2003 for England and Wales; the Water Environment and Water Services (Scotland) Act 2003 and The Water Environment Regulations 2003 for Northern Ireland. Diffuse water pollution from agriculture accounts for 61% of nitrogen entering rivers, up to 40% of phosphorus and 75% of sediment. Fencing off watercourses protects from river bank erosion and relieves poaching so contributes greatly to cleaner water and promotes growth of healthy native flora and fauna. We can all agree that this is great for our environment, but for land owners who rely on watercourses to water their livestock, it can be very problematic. Our battery and solar water pumps have been developed in response to this problem. We have been working with livestock farmers, Natural England and the Catchment Sensitive Farming initiative (CSF) to provide an easy, reliable and self sufficient way of providing water to livestock when watercourses are fenced off. 





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