12 Volt Electric Fence Batteries

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12 Volt Electric Fence Batteries Guide


Electric Fences are often run by energisers that require batteries.  Typically, these batteries are either 12 volt batteries or 9 volt batteries.  Smaller energisers can run from 6 volt batteries and even D-cell batteries.


In this article, we are going to focus on 12 volt batteries for electric fences.  We are often asked if it is ok to use a 12 volt car battery to run an electric fence and you will hear of many people who do this. However, it is NOT recommended.  12 volt car batteries are designed to give high power for a short burst, and then to go to very low power mode.  If you use a car battery to power your electric fence energiser it runs the risk of damaging your energiser.  You will also find that the constant usage and demands from the energiser will dramatically shorten the life span of your car battery, making it an expensive option. Simply, put, car batteries are not designed for electric fence usage.  12 volt deep cycle leisure batteries (originally designed for the caravan industry) are the battery of choice. They are designed to be outdoors, in all weathers. They can cope with the constant demands of an electric fence.  They should last a good number of years, although it is important to make sure they are never fully discharged.  For 'average' energisers, you will typically need to charge the battery every 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the condition of the fence, the power of the energiser and the amount of vegetation.  You want a battery that is at least 70Ah - the lower the Ah the more frequently you will need to charge your battery.  Cold weather will also impact the battery's performance and you will need to charge it more often.

Most energisers switch off or having a warning light when the battery reaches it's last 20% of capacity.  Please do not rely on the light on the leisure battery as these are not as reliable as the lights on the energisers.

FarmCare 12 Volt Leisure Battery: £69.99

Comes with a carry handle, double terminals for easy solar panel addition, suitable for outdoor use, completely sealed and maintenance free


You can add a solar panel to the top of your 12 volt battery and this will recharge the battery for you for most of the year in the UK. You will need to watch the battery during the darkest winter months and will likely need to bring it in for a few charges off the mains.  The solar panel simply clips on to the top of the battery and sits facing due south in a sunny position. 

FarmCare Solar Panel For Charging 12 Volt Leisure Battery



Please note that 12 volt batteries cannot be shipped outside of the UK.



Joyce Turner
20 June 2019  |  14:30

Apparently this battery does not have double terminals, to make solar panel connection easy. Fatmcate ssy they have never seen a battery with double terminals, and have never sold them.

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