Best Electric Fence for your horse or pony - 2021

16 February 2021  |  Admin

Best Electric Fencing for Horses 2021


Electric fencing has never been easier and is an ideal and easy solution to keeping horses safe.  Here's my pick of the best electric fence kits and energisers for horses in 2021.


Best all round kit:  Hotline FireDrake Solar Kit

This comes with either Tall (4ft posts) or standard (3ft posts) in green or white.  You can select if you want tape or rope.  For this kit, with plastic posts, I'd probably select the tape as it is slightly lighter and slightly less expensive!  Both work.  You can select the Hotline FireDrake 34 of the HotLine FireDrake  67 - the only difference is the power.  If you have a larger fence, or intend to make it larger, or have a bit to much vegetation, go for the higher power kit.  If you have a smaller fence and budget - go for the less powerful energiser.


The reason I love this kit is the simplicity.  You don't need to worry about wires from the mains, or about charging or replacing the battery.  The energiser is so neat - it just sits on top of the stand that doubles up as an earth stake.  The kit comes with enough tape and posts for a 100m double line fence.  if you want a longer fence, just add more tape and posts.  I'd select the green kit - just because it blends in with the background and apparently horses can see green more easily.  With this said, humans can see white more easily and it is really just a matter of taste.


Although the price of the kit may initially look a bit higher than a 12 volt kit or a 9 volt kit - the running cost is much lower.  There are no batteries to worry about (although the rechargeable battery will eventually need replacing, just like the battery in your mobile phone eventually needs replacing).  In the long run, they work out the same if not less expensive than battery run kits.


The quality of the kit is great.  It's made in the UK and the energiser (the expensive bit) comes with a 3 year warranty.  The tape is good quality too - not cheap stuff from far overseas, but quality tape manufactured in Ireland.

If I were picking a fence, I'd go for the FireDrake 67, Tall posts, with tape, in green!

HotLine FireDrake Solar Kits start at £279.99


Best Temporary Electric fence for Horses 2021

If I was looking for a temporary fence - say for events or strip grazing, the HotLine Shrike kit is hard to beat.  It's only £145.50 and includes your energiser, solar panel, posts and tape.  It''s really easy to pick up and move around and, again, uses the sun to powere the fence during sunlight hours.


Best 9 Volt Electric fence Kit for Horses 2021


The Equine Starter kit has long been a favourite and nothing will change here in 2021.  It's just so easy and people are really familiar and happy with the German made Horizont Trapper energiser.  A 55Ah battery lasts for 3 months if run all the time and is only £14.99 to replace.  The kit comes with everything you need (although you might want to add a fence tester) and it is light and easy to install.  The upfront cost is les than a solar kit, at a bargain of £139.99 at time of writing.

Again, this is available in white or green, with 3ft or 4ft posts.


Best Electric Fence 2021 for Cheeky Horses and Ponies


Have you got a Houdini Horse?!  Here is a great 12 volt kit, that has a high and low power setting, so you can train your horse.  The Fencmean CP450 energiser is made by Fenceman and has a 3 year warranty.

If you want a 9 volt energiser for a cheeky horse, try this Equine Plus Starter Kit with the Fenceman B430 energiser.  This energiser also has a high power setting, for training purposes.  Once your horse starts to respect the fence, you can turn it down and save some battery!  The energiser is the part of the kit that really makes the difference - the posts, tape etc remain the same - all good quality.


Best 9 volt energiser for your Horse or Pony 2021 

If you're just looking for a great energiser for your horse, have a look at the Gallagher range.  I always favour solar energisers for horses, but if you already have a 12 volt battery, or if your budget just can't stretch to a solar energiser, then there are great options in both categories.  Gallagher energisers come with a 7 year guarantee if you remember to register them online with Gallagher.   I love the Gallagher BA20 for it's price point and guarantee - although only use this on smaller fences.

Gallagher BA20 9 volt Energiser


Best Mains and 12 Volt Energiser for Horses and Ponies 2021 - price point and simplicity

For a really simple mains or 12 volt energiser, great for horses and an amazing price point, try the Hotline Gemini 40 - only £89.99 and you get good power:


Best Strip Grazing Energiser 2021

This is a tricky one.  the Fenceman DP350B is great because it has a high and low power setting.  The Hotline Shrike is great because it has a solar panel option, that runs the fence during sunlight.  The Gallagher B10 is great because it has a 7 year warranty - at that price point!  You can't really go wrong.  I'd probably pick the Shrike 0 just because I like the simplicity of solar.  Watch this space for a new solar Gallagher energiser coming along in May....

Strip Grazing Electric Fence Energisers 2021


Best Solar Energiser for Horses 2021

This is a tricky one.  Both Gallagher and HotLine made great solar energisers.  Hotline energisers are a better price point (you get much more power for your pound) but Gallagher offers a 7 year guarantee.  I'd probably pick the HotLine FireDrake 67 - just for the power and price combo.  But you can't go wrong with either brand!

HotLine FireDrake energisers from £219.99


Do remember that all energisers are not made equal!  Although they may claim to do the same distance, some are more powerful and will get through earthing or give a stronger zap.   The way distance capability is measured is also a bit sketchy.  Some measure the distance in 'perfect' conditions, while others give a 'realistic' length (often half of the 'perfect condition length).  Always pick an energiser that says it can power MORE than the length of your fence.  Your fence will not be perfect and you want to know your horse is safe.


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