NEW April Electric Fencing Offers and Sales - 2021

18 March 2021  |  Admin

April 2021 Electric Fence Offers and Sales


At FarmCare UK, we always try to get the season off to a flying start and we've managed to secure some of our best deals ever this year!

Please see below for our best April Offers for:

  • Solar electric fence energisers / fencers
  • Battery electric fence energisers / fencers
  • Mains electric fence energisers / fencers
  • Poultry Electric Fence Kits - 25m and 50m Deluxe Kits
  • Horse Clippers (Lister Star and Liveryman Harmony Plus)
  • Horse Trimmers (Liveryman Harmony Plus and Sierra)

There are many more offers on our website

- Gallagher Solar Energisers:  These energisers come with a 7 year guarantee, if you register them online with Gallagher.  They are top of the range energisers.  They are tough, reliable and so incredibly easy to use - ideal for small and medium size fences.  On a fully charged battery, they can last for 3 weeks with no sun.  We have a very limited number on sale at an amazing price that cannot be extended or repeated!  If you find the energiser in stock and cheaper anywhere else, we will match the price.  We're that confident, so you can be too!

Gallagher S100 - solar electric fence energiser / fencer for up to  10 KM, 1.0 Joule: Only £318.99 (was £399.99) with a FREE earth stake

Gallagher S40 - solar electric fence energiser / fencer for up to 5 KM, 0.40 Joules: Only £352.99 (was £389.99) with a FREE earth stake

Gallagher S20 - solar electric fence energiser / fencer for up to 2 KM, 0.2 Joules:  Only £212.95 (was £239.99) with FREE earth stake

Gallagher S16 - solar electric fence energiser / fencer for up to  1.5 KM, 0.16 stored Joules:  Only £169.88 (was £189.99) with FREE earth stake

For more details or to order your Gallagher Solar Electric Fence Energiser, click here:

- Horimaster 9 volt energiser:  This is a 9 volt energiser and is an amazing price.  It was a special edition, made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the manufacturer, Horizont.  The energiser is actually the exact same as the popular Equistop B1 or Hoizont B12 energiser - just with a different case!  It's a complete bargain at £79.99 and there won't be any more when stock runs out.   It is made in Germany and comes with a 2 year warranty.  A 55Ah battery will last approx 3 months.  Save £20 on the normal price!

Fenceman CP900 12 Volt Energiser:  This is a popular energiser from Fenceman.  It runs from a 12 volt battery (not included) but also has D-cell batteries (included) that act as a back-up - great for when you are charging your 12 volt battery.  This energiser also has a high and low power setting, which is good for when you are training animals, and night-time saving mode.  It comes with a FREE 200m roll of 20mm green electric fence tape and a FREE 1 amp fence tester.  £134.99

- Fenceman DP350B:  This is a popular 12 volt energiser or D-Cell battery energiser.  It comes with 4 x D-cell batteries (no 12 volt battery) and is a great option for small simple fences - for strip grazing or temporary fences.  Comes with a FREE 1 amp fence tester.  £87.99

- Poultry Electric Net Deluxe Kits:  These kits come with the energiser, the electric net, the gate and an electric fence tester.  They are great value and great quality.  The energiser is made here in the UK and comes with a 3 year warranty.  You just need to add either a 12 volt leisure battery, or high voltage lead out wire so you can run it from the mains.  

25m Deluxe Kit:  £212.99 - Save £20

50m Deluxe Kit:  £221.99 - Save £20


- Lister Star in Purple:  Get the Purple Lister Star, with a FREE upgrade to the Lister hold-all (much easier to get your clipper in and out), a FREE 250ml oil, a FREE Lister Pico trimmer


- Liveryman Harmony Plus - with Wide Blade and FREE Narrow Blade:  £173.99


FarmCare UK is an online family run business that specialises in electric fencing and horse clippers (a strange business - but one we've grown and love!).  We have spent years securing great deals with some of the best manufacturers - sowe can always offer unbeatable products and prices.  


We are always happy to help, so if you have any questions or would like some advice, please contact  

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